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The First Monday and Rei

Post by CM Like any good institution, like bank holidays, the Met Gala is designated to take place on a specific and unaltering day – the first Monday of every May, come rain or shine. Known for its elaborate red carpet, each gala marks the launch of an exhibition based around the theme of fashion; last year […]


Golden Girls

Post by CM I’ve been spending an inappropriate amount of time thinking about what to wear over Christmas because ’tis the season, and ’tis my nature. To get my mind off considering whether I should sparkle, layer up in velvet, get comfy and cosy the Scandinavian way, work out how to salvage my party-ravaged face […]


Velvet Dream

Post by CM Look; the sparkly street lights have been turned on, the tinsel is being teared off the shop shelves, the air is cold enough to see your breath – I think the jig is up and we can finally say Christmas without risking a few sneaky side-eyes. CHRISTMAS! There. With Christmas (I’ve said […]