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LVxKOONS: Wearing your Art on your sleeve

Wowsa! It’s a Van Gogh painting on an LV bag, with VAN GOGH in big gold lettering! It has a bunny shaped tag! Wh, whhaaa? I’m obsessed, obvs.


Trend Alert: Stomping Ground

Post by CM When TM faced me with a boot-choosing dilemma yesterday I  wasn’t at all sure how to respond. On the right foot was a chunky boot with buckles, on the left a chunky boot with laces. Like Sophie’s dreadful choice it’s nigh on impossible, considering the boot on everyone’s feet (but especially Jennifer […]


A hug from Hygge

Post by CM First thing’s first – it’s (roughly) pronounced hue-guh, and it (very roughly) translates to cosy. But ‘cosy’ merely scrapes the surface. It’s a way of life that encapsulates conviviality, comfortable sylishness, a curl-up-on-a-plush-sofa-with-a-large-glass-of-red-and-good-company vibe – it’s basically living in an Ikea catalogue. Embracing hygge is like that warm and fuzzy feeling you […]