Updates from both mice

Get Shorty

Post by T.M. I knew a guy in college who wore shorts all year round. He was from Oregon so it wasn’t that unusual but we met on Erasmus in Norway and were there in December when it was freezing, so that was. Because he was an All-American guy that All-American out-doorsy style came naturally […]


IFTAs 2014 Best Dressed

Post by T.M. So the Irish Film and TV awards – or the IFTAs as they’re (not so) fondly known – were held on Saturday night. Any Irish person reading knows that the general consensus is that it was a complete and utter shambles and everyone involved has a lot to answer for. That’s according to the […]


Cold Hearted

Post by T.M. Drew Barrymore is a jack-of-all-trades apparently. Already a celebrated actress, author, screenwriter, film director, producer, model and United Nations ambassador (according to Wikipedia) she can now add two more strings to her bow; photographer and author. For multi-talented Hollywood darling Barrymore has released a booky wook of snaps. Find It in Everything […]