How to look professional when it’s hot and sticky outside

Post by Miriam

Last week was the most Irish week in history. Not only was it cold and wet and summer at the same time, everyone and I mean EVERYONE was complaining about it. In case you didn’t know, moaning about the weather is the national pastime here on the Emerald Isle and there’s never a moanier time than when the weather isn’t to our satisfaction in summer.

It’s taking a turn, though. This week is apparently going to be hot (for us, so about 20 degrees BUT WE’LL TAKE IT!) and humid. The warmth sounds good, even to me, who is someone who enjoyed the monsoon on Sunday because it meant I didn’t have to be outside till 11 o’clock just because it’s bright. The humidity on the other hand? That we are not as much into.

During our free time, we can wear the floatiest, loosest clothes and not mind too much about the drips and slips. For work, though – what on earth can you wear to look profesh without the mess?

Why, something like this!

midi skirt tshirt

So you can see there’s extremely good news. As long as you have something semi-formal on the bottom, you can wear an actual t-shirt! Hurrah!

Like with the Goddess of Work Wear Olivia Palermo in the featured image and the lovely lady above, a midi skirt is a very good bet. I like an a-line version because they remind me of the skirts Hayley and Sharon wear to the Camp Dance in the Parent Trap. And they are comfortable to wear in the heat.

With a skirt, you can wear flats or courts (or commute to work in runners and change into heels in the office, like Working Girl and me). My alternative suggestion is wide length pants. I like the floor length version, but it’s harder to wear flats.

wear wide length pants to work when it's warm

Still looks very respectable, though.

Do remember, when you’re despairing about what to wear during unusual weather, you’re by far not the only one.

You don’t have to tan, if you don’t have to. You don’t have to go through the disappointment of spending time on your hair only for it to frizz and poof. But if you want to look as polished as poss in a workplace environment, remember that you can wear a t-shirt.


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