Trend Watch: White Tennis Shoes

Post by Aoife

The dad sneaker trend is dead, long live the white tennis shoe!

If my observations are correct – and why wouldn’t they be, for I have had my eyes tested recently and my prescription is right up to scratch – the shoe of the summer is to be, and already is for those who have already had a bit of a summer – the plain white tennis shoe (or, as I like to call them, plimsolls, but they can also be referred to as pumps). I wore a pair to the Spice Girls concert in Dublin back in May and every second woman there was clad in the same.

pumps 2

We’re not about to re-invent the wheel here, but isn’t it refreshing that this humble pair of shoes can go such a long distance without breaking the bank? A direct opposition to the clunky horror-show that was the dad sneaker trend (let me tell you aaaaaalll about my opinions on that Godforsaken trend here), the neat little pump will never make you look like your feet are encased in large slabs of concrete, but will instead give off an adorably nonchalant, girl next door vibe that will put you in a daisy-chains and picnics kinda mood.

pumps 6

My pair (and every third person’s at Spice World) were a €4 pair from Penneys, but there are loads more out there with variations on the theme, from Kate Middleton favourite Superga to a platform sole pair in New Look (how very Emma Bunton c. ’95 of you!). They go with each and everything – this summer you’ll just have to find something you can’t wear them with.

pumps 4

pumps 1

pumps 5

pumps 7

pumps 3


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