The only 5 items you need to be well-dressed this summer

Post by Miriam

If you live in Ireland, you’ll be forgiven for thinking the world has flipped itself upside down and it’s winter now. You’d still be wrong, though. Despite the low temperatures and rain and tourists who expected it to be like this anyway, it is, in fact, the middle of summer.

Everyone is talking about the cold, wet conditions as though Ireland has never been cold and wet in June before. It was last year’s summer that was the weird one, guys!

And in the tradition of cold, wet Irish summers, you probably own summer clothes you also wear in autumn, winter and spring and, so, you probably already own these.

Wedge espadrilles

Some years they’re – to use a very M&J word – naff. This year, everyone from Jeanne Damas to Kate Middleton are wearing them. I bought this pair in New Look and even though they’ve torn my heels off more than once, I’ve continued to wear them.

New Look €34.99
I wear them with summer tea dresses, and also jeans, the Jeanne Damas way.

The white blouse

Nothing looks better with those jeans and wedges than a white blouse. Wear sipping a cocktail on your balcony, the Jeanne Damas way. Also wear with a pastel suit or with all of your summer skirts, long, midi or short. I am so into it with this sequinned skirt. Not just for Christmas or festivals after all.

It can even have long sleeves! Bonus points if it’s fancy like a Tuxedo shirt or has another fancy detail like puffed sleeves.

Jeans jeans

In 2019, the true jean is back. We’re talking the type you wore in the late eighties with your boy cousin’s hand-me-down athletic sweater. Unflattering? Maybe. Comfortable? Definitely. And in 2019 you can wear them with strappy sandals, a lace string top and a leather jacket.

Oh, that’s your next going out outfit, by the way. Casual and chic, wink.

Midi floral dress

There’s no one that doesn’t look good in a midi floral dress. This summer, the most ‘in’ style is the slip or the or tea-dress, and that’s fantastic news because they’re both classics that you either have or you can buy and have forever.

Wear with your espadrilles.

For this look. Pippa Middleton is your inspo.

Vintage denim jacket

I say vintage because it can’t be any old denim jacket. It should be a Wrangler one you found in your wardrobe that you first wore when you were ten. Like the jeans jeans, it can be unflattering, but in a cool way. Like Angela’s in My So Called Life.

For reference, see the featured image.

But while I still have you, let me direct you to our previous post on style icons for summer. Which one are you? (Click back when you get to the end of this post!)

And while I’m asking you questions, which one of the pieces I mentioned above do you already own?


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