Style Icons for Summer

Post by Aoife

Hands up who isn’t a summer person! Just me? Hardly. There’s a very, very narrow window in the year in which I feel truly prepared sartorially, and that is the three week period in late September/early October when I can wear big red woolly jumpers instead of jackets with just a cheeky pair of black tights underneath, while kicking through golden leaves in lightweight flats, like a contrived Pinterest image come to life. Can’t wait. But in the meantime we have summer to contend with. Sigh.

If you’re a sun worshipper by all means embrace this summer’s trends, including cycling shorts, boiler suits and Rixo dresses (or dresses that give a Rixo vibe), but this sunshine-rejecting malcontent will generally be looking elsewhere for summer style. I’m thinking Riviera, I’m thinking the Med, I’m thinking a classic aesthetic that can be adapted for tricky Irish weather…

…first of all, do yourself a quick favour and set the mood with this video of Gwen Stefani crooning about being cool with her old boyfriend’s new lova, while looking hawt in Lake Como.

Right. Now we’re talking! 50s style halters and espadrilles and little sundresses and tiny shorts with demure blouses? Heart eyes emoji x 10. x 20!

But brunette, nude lipsticked Gwen is not our only summer style icon, oh no. Here are a few more who will see us through these difficult few months until we’re back safely in our stompy boots and blazers.

Julia Roberts at the Kentucky Derby in Pretty Woman

Tell me you haven’t seen a version of this dress in Dorothy Perkins or Wallis every summer in recent memory and I’ll tell you that you are mistaken, good sir or lady. Only two colours feature on this palette, which makes for an elegant, sophisticated look. You don’t strictly need the gloves. But, like a good rug in a room, they really tie the look together.

Solange in the Losing You video

Solange 2


I frequently turn to Solange in her video for one of the best songs ever written for style inspo when I feel like my mojo needs a bit of a boost. No one does a clashing print quite like Solange. But see how otherwise classic her looks are? High waisted, lil cardis, heeled brogues? Perfection!

Diane Keaton anytime, but especially in Something’s Gotta Give

Shot by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair

Diane 2

I’ve never wanted a black hat and black tuxedo pants and white shirt and brown scarf and monochrome painted nails more. If the sun peaks through that eerie mist though, you might want to lighten the mood by going beige (another key trend this summer, btw), and complimenting it with white. Lovely little white pumps (€4 Penneys!) will complete the nonchalant and effortlessly chic look.

Gwyneth Paltrow in The Talented Mr. Ripley


How could I mention Riviera style and not include the lovely Marge Sherwood, Gwen Pal’s character in The Talented Mr. Ripley? I think I have seen a version of every one of her outfits on this summer’s high street, and how cute (not to mention versatile!) is the darling little scarf she has wrapped around her ponytail? Poor Marge’s summer season ended in a bit of a nightmare, but I’m sure your capsule wardrobe of white shirts, midi skirts and wedged sandals will have you living the dream.


This post was amended on June 11th to correct the grievous error in omitting Marge Sherwood in the original line-up. For shame. Aoife will be wearing a neon crop top and cycling shorts for a week in penance.

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