Trend Watch: Waistcoats

Post by Aoife

It just can’t be denied anymore that the 90s is having a serious moment this summer. Women wearing button down midi dresses with tiny floral prints are behind every corner. Mom jeans are getting even higher-waisted and more peg-legged than we’ve seen in over twenty years. Brown and beige, muted colours that can be mixed and matched with each other, are eclipsing neon and anything too brash and bright. It’s a mid-20s, finding your way in the world, normcore aesthetic that’s truly leading the way. 

The Guardian has hailed Monica from Friends as this summer’s fashion icon, and her early season wardrobe certainly meets the brief. But it’s Rachel where we take our cue for summer’s foray into a slightly androgenous, little bit casual-sexy direction. Let’s hear it for the waistcoat (or vest, if you prefer).



Winona Ryder sported one as well, in Reality Bites (during the convenience store dancing scene no less!), and the updated version can be a bit cool, a bit boho or even a bit boyish, depending on your ever changing moooooood).

Wino Forever

Drew Barrymore went oversize!


Julia wore hers big ‘n beige!


So, how to actually wear the waistcoat in 2019? Enter Alexa Chung. Here she is in one of her own designs from her 2015 collection (always ahead of the curve, is our Alexa), followed by a current vest from her current line.


© alexachungstagram

Both looks work so well; the waistcoat all on its ownio channels the 90s thing, but could be a bit daring for the regular punter, but pop it over a flowy silk shirt and you’ve got a lovely 70s, Stevie Nicks vibe.

Need some more proof that you need a waistcoat in your life this summer? Scroll on down.

Who can forget this i-con-ic look from Glastonbury era Kate Moss? A classic.
Business-cajzh to the nth degree.
Can’t forget Annie when you’re talking waistcoats!
Another kewt look from an Alexa Chung collection.
Layer it over a sky-blue shirt.
Go for sultry shades of black.
Keep it classy with an LBD and heels!

If you’re not 100% sold, I got this top from Dunnes a few weeks ago and it fits the 90s bill (and is quite frankly a steal at only €15!). It’s quite flowy so I’ve tucked it in (to my mom jeans) when I’ve worn it, and paired it with little brown brogues. You can shop it here.


So whaddaya think? 90s all the way or a step too far? Let us know!

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