I bought these Zara sandals and I’m going to have them forever

These Zara sandals could be the smartest buy I’ve made this year.

So, I justified spending €30 I should have put toward the ever-growing debt I owe my husband on these Zara sandals by convincing myself I’ll have them forever. In fairness to myself, I think I genuinely will. Unless they break, which is likely because I plan on wearing them all summer long regardless of weather. Zara apparel may look higher end than Penneys, but let’s be honest, it ain’t Celine. (Question: if you wore a pair of Celine sandals every day for three months would they still be ‘forever’ pieces or would you have to save them for special sandal-wearing occasions?)

I was walking past Zara, intent on spending money only on bills (FML), when the faceless, toeless mannequins lured me in as they so often do. Sirens, they are, for easily led fools with addictive natures. They were clad in the summer looks of middle-class dreams, linen-ish materials and mid-lengths and stripes, and they were all wearing this pair of Zara sandals.

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 13.12.07

On the toeless mannequins, the straps went across the foot and I went searching for a match, but as you can see, for humans with their ten little piggies intact, toe spreading is required. So is foot maintenance, I’m afraid. I’m all for doing the bare minimal to look ‘presentable’ and I really don’t like the thought of taking an emory board to my own heel, but rough looking feet are just about as sexy as a hard-laboured hand.

Flip-flops, the type you see in baskets in the toilets at weddings, are actually the biggest sandal trend of the year. And don’t even go buying Havianas, it really is the Euro Store variety that are actually in. You will also notice heaps of Birkenstocks and Birkenstock fakes because they’re ‘in’ again and people are wearing them for fashion not because they’re moving to Oregon. Those style rule makers like to play such funny jokes on us sometimes!

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 16.11.22

The Zara sandals are a genuine forever pair if you don’t wear them out. They’re classic and plain like flip-flops but they’re not flip-flops and that’s the main thing. They’re grown up. You can wear them with shorts and a t-shirt and suddenly you look like you came straight outta Brooklyn.

In my local Zara, they only had the black ones, but they come in gold and tan too and I want both pairs. I mean, I’ll have them forever. Right?


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