Gigi Hadid in leisure for pleasure

Leisure for Pleasure: How to wear activewear when you’re not active

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Anna Wintour hates flouresecent colours and so do I. Talking about tennis for some reason in a Vogue Snapchat video (OK fine, the US Open is on and she’s a big tennis fan) she said, “Don’t forget to wear your sunglasses, especially if the male players insist on wearing those ugly fluorescent colors.” Indeed. 

There has been a trend recently of having a flash of neon interrupt your active wear. Why does every legging or tank-top have to have a stripe of pink, or yellow or orange or orangey-pink?

Gigi Hadid in leisure for pleasure

I went to my first ever yoga class on Monday which meant of course that I had to go shopping for appropriate yoga wear. The class was on in Stoneybatter, so I had to fit in with the other privileged white women (and one man); the Penneys leggings I’ve been wearing for any physical activity I’ve done over the past seven years or so just wouldn’t cut it. They are also see-through when I bend over.

I ended up going to H&M on my lunch-break on Monday: my gym bag was the paper bag the leggings and top I bought came in. Guys, I get why leisurewear has become so popular as everyday wear; those leggings were like a lovely, thick, comfortable second skin. I didn’t even change out of them for the journey home.

printed leggings leisure for pleasure

How has it taken me so long to cotton on (or should that be Lycra on?) to leggings. Oh yeah, because I don’t do exercise and I would never wear active wear if I wasn’t doing something active. Leggings flatter very few people but very few people know that. And why do so many of them wear the ones from Penneys that are so very transparent – and not very comfortable?

Kim Kardashian has been trying to make leggings’over-confident older cousin – bicycle shorts – a thing, and I’m afraid it’s going to happen. It won’t happen soon because the only people who will dare to wear bike shorts in autumn and winter and spring are cyclists. But come summer, and mark my words (and shield your eyes), they’ll be everywhere.


She’s obviously trying to make a fashion statement and it can’t hurt that they have convenient waist trimming properties, and they strangely complement that incredible studded jacket, but here lies the question: what shoes to wear? Those bike shoes you can clip onto a peddle? Flip flops? Something faintly sporty, surely?

No. Not according to Kim (or Kanye). Their answer is this:

kim kardashian leisure for pleasure

Dear God, no. She is definitely not going to hop on a bike any time soon. Do you think she got distracted when dressing and stepped out in black Spanx and now she’s forcing bike shorts on us to avoid embaressment? That has to be it.

I don’t roll my eyes when I see people dressed like Gigi Hadid when out for brunch anymore. When I start going to early morning yoga classes and feeling all good and healthy about myself, I might even arrange to meet less Zen friends for a spinach smoothie and kale pancakes or whatever, and I’ll meet them in my gym gear.

But would I wear out and with strappy sandals? No! Because it looks shit.

If you wear leisure wear for pleasure, be consistent. Take Gigi Hadid as your leisure for pleasure style template. Don’t wear a leather studded jacket with bike shorts; do wear a track jacket. However, If you wear leggings out and about, make sure they are good quality. Wear them with runners, or flip-flops, but don’t, under any circumstance, wear them with heels.

This post was updated in May 2019.

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