Further Thoughts on What to Wear on a Rainy Day

Post by Aoife

I’m obsessed with what stylish people wear when it’s relentlessly rainy because I rarely get it right, even though I live in Galway. It rains in Galway more than any place I’ve ever been to. Sideways rain. Drizzly rain. Misty rain. Full on pouring rain. While Galway is an expert in precipitation I have yet to master dressing appropriately for every rainy occasion, particularly work and event wear. But other people can do it! And so can I! Can’t I?

Currently, I constantly find myself resorting to a huge old parka with a sewn up rip in the right arm pit area, black tights, a lil’ mini skirt and ankle welly boots that make me look like a teenager from afar but the truth of my years is revealed up close, which is good for exactly no one, especially me. Black tights are seriously frowned upon by Miriam and me during the months of June, July and August, so I have to hurry to find an alternative go-to look that will cover as many rainy circumstances as possible.

Not Work Approp
Cute, but not work appropes

Grumpy teenager is not exactly the the image I want to propel at work. I don’t really want to bring spare shoes with me in a plastic bag-for-life because they are cumbersome and wouldn’t necessarily work with the rest of the outfit. I also really don’t want to buy new stuff, if I can in any way avoid it.

Unfortunately a jaunty umbrella is only useful 30% of the time in Gaillimh, when the rain is unaccompanied by gusts of wind cruelly designated to tangle your hair into an undefeatable knot or flatten it against your mascara strewn face, and that deign to send you in the direction of a huge puddle and/or traffic that tends to speed up merrily at an approaching amber light.

The thing about rainy day dressing is that when you’re out and and about in the rain you’re only out there to get from A to B. I suppose the easiest way to dress for the rain is when you’re obliged to pop out on a non-work day to a not particularly fancy appointment, like lunch with the gals or an evening drink down the boozer. But you still want to look nice! So, we turn to Sienna Miller.


Sienna 1

Remember when Sienna was primarily known for pioneering the 00s boho aesthetic? She has evolved in her personal style since then and I swear that everything she puts on her body I WANT. Take the cajzh look above; simple jeans, booties, top and a big ‘ol parka. So simple, so good.

Sienna 2

I wouldn’t have used this pap shot of Sienna and her ex Tom Sturridge if I didn’t feel like it was necessary to show what an easy summer rainy day look can be. For this summer I’d swap the ballet flats for (water proof) loafers, but the rest can stay exactly as is!


This ASOS lightweight parka is a dead ringer for Sienna’s, and comes in a variety of sizes.


Work wear is way trickier, especially if you have to walk any distance to your work place. Interview wear is even worse, but follows these same rules. If you drive, just pack a gorge trench coat, throw it over your person from the trot from the car to the door and you’re fine and dandy. But if like me you have a bit of a stroll to undertake I’ve decided that a dedicated rainy day capsule is the way forward. Those water proof loafers again or a good pair of brogues, a couple of pairs of cropped pants, fitted shirts, a lightweight blazer under a basic rain coat or mac is all you need! Accessorise and personalise as you see fit.

Work 1

Cropped pants are essential to avoid the dreaded cuff soaking (oh God, the horror of cold, wet fabric flapping against your cold, wet leg), and the light top under the light jacket, which would be under the light mac is also important in summer when you definitely do not want to feel hot and bothered as well as frankly miserable while battling the battering rain.

Work 2

Macs and raincoats can be found everywhere you look; I have a Penney’s one that I’ve worn for years, but might update this year to one I saw in there recently that costs about €30 and will be perfectly acceptable for work, in a professional, normcore kinda way. If I buy it I’ll stick it up on Instagram!


The Penneys one I spied is a dead ringer for this one from Hunter, but is literally a fraction of the price.


Having to account for rain when you’re off to the races, a wedding or a big night out is actually the worst, and I’m still not 100pc convinced that the only way of staying stylish/sane in this sitch is when you’re driven from door to door and have a personal brolly holder keeping the rain off you from the short walk to the entrance. But we are not all Kardashians, we do not all have that luxury. If you find yourself in this predicament more often than you thought you would, you gots to invest in a really good trench. You gots to.

© Sinead O’Reilly Instagram

Stylish Irish lady Sinead O’Reilly wore a really good outfit to a wedding (in Galway!) recently – check out the trench. Wedding guest goals if ever I saw them, nailing exactly how to tackle the tricky changeable weather predicament.



Patent was a thing there a few seasons back, and I bet those who bought in to the trench coat version are still wearing them to this very day.

Feeling a bit calmer about how to tackle rainy days in style now? I kinda am! When I am a little bit older and have gained a little bit more gravitas I will be adding a brimmed hat to my arsenal, but for now I will go forth without letting those ominous dark grey clouds stop me. And you should too!

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