What to Wear to a Summer 2019 Wedding: Suits Edition

Post by CM

Stylish men have known it for years; take a plain but well cut jacket and trousers combo and accessorise the hell out of it. A friend’s husband always nails it; he has an impressive array of charming ties, bow-ties, shirts and socks that serve to change up his look every time the mood takes him. And now, with the right elements, you can follow suit (pun absolutely intended).

For the first time in years I have a grand total of zero weddings to attend this year – maybe I’ve upstaged the bride one too many times and am now a wedding liability, who knows! (or it could be that my core friends group has largely overcome the first flush of engagements and has now been struck by baby fever). But the good news is that these looks will work for any nice occasion you have this summer, like christenings, the races, summer parties – you name it.

The best thing is you don’t have to favour a certain aesthetic to make it work; you can be louche, you can be hippy, you can be bohemian. You can be androgenous, business-like or chic. Colourful suits more than any other are having a moment, but a tuxedo style or even a morning suit (if you dare!), will take your occasion street cred up a notch.

Gabriella Hearst
Gabriella Hearst

Colourful suits were all over the catwalks for Spring Summer 19, dressed up and down with jewellery and footwear choices, and were largely monochromatic. I have a particular grá for the orange Roksanda look with sky blue accents; you couldn’t help but stand out in it (brides beware!).

Suit (2)
Street Style
Shorts Suit
suit 1
Street Style
Street Style
suit 2
Street Style
Suit 3
Tuxe Luxe

Flats are totally acceptable, even a pair of casual Cons, but if heels are more your jam work away with them. I would wear the red suit with ironic t-shirt in a flash, and Millenial Pink is still living on in suit form. Shorts suits are not out of the question, particularly if you’re looking to go for that youthful, preppy vibe.

Is there any way we’d get you in a colourful suit for this summer’s weddings/races/parties? Jumpsuits happened against all odds and now you can’t move in the high-street stores and boutiques for them! Get two, mix them up, suddenly you’ve got four outfits (and counting), and that there’s your summer season sorted.

One Comment

  1. Antonymous

    Liked the turquoise one with the red plaid shirt and leather gloves, quite strong colors and contrasts.
    Also the more unisex blue with white dress shirt and black ones.
    And as you mentioned guys btw I’d gladly support more creative suits for them and in some cases even leather sandals, though I agree with caution as they can be hard to pull off without the right attitude and carefreeness to look professional as most would be unfamiliar :). But it’s not so different than how bare legs, which are comfier for many in warm days, have become common place and accepted in most work environment for women, if carried with elegance.

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