Wedding Guest Dresses On Sale Now for Summer

Quick! Here are some wedding guest dresses that are on sale and waiting for you to put in your cart right now!

If you’re on the hunt for wedding guest dresses that will see you through a few weddings this year, it’s the right time to pounce. The mid-season sales are on (and don’t we know it) and the good news is, the high street stores are including more recent pieces on the discount rung. I’ve got some of my best bargains in the mid-season sales, including fancy dresses to wear to weddings.

I spied a really lovely dress on the iClothing website that popped into my mind yesterday. I had it saved on a bookmark and low and behold, it has moved to the sale section. It wasn’t especially expensive to begin with, but I couldn’t justify buying yet another dressy dress. Now that it’s half the price, I’m buying it and wearing it to a Christening next weekend. The Quiz dress I saw in Debenhams is great for if you’ve ever wanted to try out a little red dress. I think the blue swing dress from Debut, also available in Debenhams, is really cute for a more laid back wedding.

Anyway, we have loads to choose from and be inspired by. Take your pick!



Royal Blue Layered Knee Length Swing Dress €72 

& Other Stories

Floral Print Dress €38 was €69



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