Easy to Wear, Easy to Pair: Fashion Trends for Spring Summer 2019 to Try Now

Post by CM

I’m not gonna lie, there are a lot of trends to choose from this season, which can either be overwhelming or could actually make things easier for you; by choosing the trends you see yourself in and discarding the rest you’ll be better equipped to pick and choose from stuff you already have and to find a few key pieces to add to it.

But why try one trend when you can try two? Making things even easier for you, we’ve put together a number of trends that can be paired together, so you can hit a few birds with one stone…

First up, the trends at hand:

Main trends: Beige, tie-dye, colourful suits, cycling shorts, light denim, boiler suits.

Micro trends: Weird heels, bows and barrettes, tiny bags.

How to Pair them Up:

Tie Dye and Light Denim

Tie 2


Tie 3

There’s a distinctly 90s, very Coachella (hello festival season!) vibe to this look, which can easily be elevated by heels (and that aforementioned micro, or tiny bag), or can be worn completely casually with flip-flops. It’s the most nonchalant look you can think of, so throwing on a tee and jeans on a just-don’t-care (or hungover) day will have you looking right on trend. The best thing is you can even take a plain old tee and fashion the tie-dye yourself!

Weird Heels and Colourful Suits

suit 1

suit 2

Colourful suits (especially neon) are all the rage at the moment, because they’re so versatile and can be styled in a whole heap of ways. Why not try one with a pair of these weird heels I’ve been seeing everywhere (I have like, three pairs saved on my Asos favourite’s list).

Beige and Boiler Suits

Beige 2


Beige 3

Well this one’s a no-brainer and no mistake. You’ll find a beige boiler suit in any high street shop; pair it with heels, white trainers, sandals, those weird heels we’ve already spoken about, you name it, it’ll work. For the most up-to-the-minute take on the trend, try beige from top to toe.

Cycling Shorts and Barrettes

shorts 1

shorts 3

shorts 2

Let’s face it, cycling shorts are already a tricky trend to pull off, so you may well be best off going full on quirky when you try it. Bows, barrettes and hair slides are big news for summer, so grab yourself a few and stick them on to tone down the athleisure feel.

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