The Taylor Swift Twitter Tribute Account Prison Story Proves that One Person can be Many Things

Post by CM

If you’re active (or even passive) on Twitter, chances are you’ve come across the widely re-tweeted account of a woman who runs a Taylor Swift fan account being unable to keep her fans updated on all things TayTay, due to a two month incarceration. The reason for this prison sentence? She “refused to join the IDF lmao”.

TS 1

The IDF is an acronym for the Israel Defense Forces, the military forces of Israel that requires mandatory conscription for the majority of citizens when they turn 18. According to @LegitTayUpdates reportedly refused to join due to her pro-Palestine beliefs, and because she wasn’t a “true pacifist (I told them I’d punch a Nazi”), she was denied exemption and sentenced to her two-month stint in the slammer.

The story has blown up because there’s a satisfying note of the absurd to it; a tongue-in-cheek Taylor Swift fan account being pretty blase about being locked up; she says it herself:

TS 4

In all its viral glory, the story brings up an interesting truth; it proves that one person can be many things. Who’d’ve thunk that someone who runs a pop culture account could have serious political beliefs worth going to jail for? How is it even possible for one person to have such an admiration for Swifty that they set up a Twitter profile devoted to giving the other stans “legit updates”, and to also have a clearly defined and well thought out belief system (that goes against her “very Zionist) parents’?


Dear readers, I think you all get it. You’re here reading a style blog, but you’ve probably already checked the news for the latest Brexit updates, maybe signed this important petition to support all Irish families, and gotten riled up about the latest homelessness figures and the shocking cost of property here in this fair emerald isle. Yes, we have interests in looking and feeling good, what latest fashion trends that we’re excited to try and maybe even what Meghan and Harry have been up to recently, but that does not mean we are not clued in to current affairs and willing to stand up for the important issues that we believe in.

We’re all greater than the sum of our parts; whether you’re known as ‘that guy who loves Leinster rugby so much he cried when he met Brian O’Driscoll” or “the woman who never stops going on about Khloe Kardashian”, there’s always going to be something deeper going on beneath the surface. Likewise, that acquaintance of yours who always has a new political agenda to promote is not all fired-up tweets and Facebook posts; they may have a special and endearing love for Abba that you can giggle about and bond over.

I suppose the takeaway is not to focus on the superficial as a way of arguing someone’s merit, to be open-minded, to be kind and to never underestimate a woman who knows all the words to “Shake it Off”.

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