Trend Watch: How To Wear Boiler Suits

Post by CM

Remember the jumpsuit revolution from a few years back? Actually, it was preceded by those skimpy little play-suits (or rompers, if you will) that made an appearance around the summer of 2012 and have been seen every summer since, flirty little numbers for the thin of limb and dexterous of digit – getting those things on and off in quick time, while encased in a festival port-a-loo, without foregoing one’s dignity is a skill to be proud of.

When the play-suit’s longer hemmed cousin made its appearance, creeping on to red carpets, fashion week events and street style blogs with the slow but sure dogged determination that meant that, like skinny jeans before them, the jumpsuit’s place in your forever wardrobe was secured. I bought one for each summer wedding I went to in 2015, and recycled the dressier one late last year for a winter wedding, and that was after picking up another, kimono style version for an earlier event. The jumpsuit is here to stay, and that’s despite its unsteady teetering on the precipice of decency.


Well now, following on from dungarees’ brief resurgence and joining its all-in-one sistas, comes the boiler suit, also known as overalls in certain quarters. If there’s one trend to watch out for this Spring/Summer 2019 it’s this one. It comes in a few different iterations – the denim Marks and Spencer boiler suit from Holly Willoughby’s M&S Collection has already attained a cult following, for its nice, neat cut, roominess and ability to be dressed up, down and all around, for chilly weather or warm.

M&S denim boiler
Denim Boiler Suit, Holly Willoughby Collection for M&S

The utility trend in general is big news for SS19; I had a peek in to Penneys in Eyre Square, Galway last week and while I didn’t spy a denim boiler suit I did salivate over a really gorge beige (the colour of the season!) safari dress, styled with a separately sold belt (I also spotted it here, so you know it’s on trend!) In addition to the denim boilers you could go for army green, khaki or beige, style it with heels or white runners, and accessorize as little or as much as you like – the boiler suit is the best sartorial chameleon out there at the moment.

Trust Sienna Miller to mix it up with an unexpected, cool colour!
Victoria Beckham in her own design
Street Style
Street Style
Yoyo Cao
Yo-Yo Cao at Paris Fashion Week
Street Style
Street Style

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