Ghost World

Every so often I have a morbid thought about what I’d do if I died, returned as a ghost and was destined to wear whatever I had on me when I met my end for the rest of time. What if I was wearing hangover clothes, had greasy hair and no makeup on? What if I put on that stripey top I have in a hurry, that looks like another one but has a conspicuous red wine stain on it, that I always forget about and thus keep returning to my drawer? It’s a really quite stressful thought.

Geena Davis’ character had to wear a pretty blah dress (and no shoes!) forever in Beetlejuice, for instance, and I’m haunted by a years old recollection of some usually glamorously-attired cartoon character zapped into an alternate dimension while still in her pyjamas, and feeling all the more vulnerable for it. I have vague notions of dreams where I’m wearing my old school uniform in my current age, feeling horribly uncomfortable, more concerned with that than an imminent exam in advanced algebra (or something equally as horrifying), that I haven’t studied for.

Say what you will about fashion or personal style, but I think almost everyone wears the clothes they do to express themselves, their personalities, their status in life. We wear things we feel comfortable in, either literally or figuratively, which means one person’s tracksuit is another’s infamous meat dress.

In Russian Doll, a brilliant Netflix show you have to binge this weekend if you haven’t already, Nadia’s 36th birthday party is the catalyst for an inexplicable anomaly that sees her repeatedly die in a myriad of creative ways only to return to the party again. Luckily for her she’s dressed in her sweet birthday finest, obviously the best way to go (again and again).

Russian 2
I’d die wearing that

Because she’s played by Natasha Lyonne she’s always going to look pretty amazing, thanks to her exquisite self confidence and innate charm, but when you’re dressed to impress that self-assurance is pushed up to 90. Mark my words, if Nadia was in anything else her mind would be too distracted to tend to the mission at hand (figuring out what the hell is going on, obvs).

Because we see Nadia’s day repeat itself multiple times we also get to see some other killer outfits on rotation, not least the party’s host and Nadia’s friend Maxine’s (Greta Lee), who gets to rock a look supremely suited to a hip artist and good-time-gal.

I’d die wearing this too

No spoilers, but Russian Doll is generally a case study in morality, mortality and doing right by yourself and others. But is the real moral of the story to dress as if it’s your birthday every day? You tell me!

Out of my own wardrobe, I think I’d like to be in my sequin emerald pants, black tee and black embellished cardi, with my v comfortable velvet purple platforms, ’cause why not?


If I could choose to wear anything at all of my liking, it might be something like this – comfy but chic, would go from day to night effortlessly, it’s just a bit cool but also polished – and ideal combination to make one the best dressed in the afterlife.


What would you wish to wear for eternity? Would it be showstopping or demure? Would you choose wearing your favourite and most flattering mini skirt over a pair of more sensible jeans, even if you would spend half the long, long time adjusting it for modesty’s sake? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!


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