What to Wear on a Rainy Day

Post by CM

It’s still bloody winter, can you believe it? It’s cold (and getting colder), damp and grey, the days are still really short and everything’s just a bit miserable. Do you still have the remains of some Christmas decorations in tucked-away corners, the presence of which you can’t bring yourself to acknowledge? I do. The brown husk of my Christmas tree is lying forlornly in the back garden because I forgot to take it to be disposed of by the required date.

The remainder of the glitz and glam of party season is a sad and depressing sight to behold, so it’s with pragmatism that I bring you my two cents on how to inject a bit of January cheer into your everyday wardrobe because let’s face it, for some of us, our moods further plummet when we think we look a bit shit. When it’s raining that awful misty, hair frizzing rain, or the fog/your own cold breath is steaming up your glasses, or when you feel like giving up, that you truly can’t be bothered because who cares how you look when the winter blues are getting you and everyone else down, just remember that a jaunty earring or colourd-y scarf may help raise you from your grumpy funk.


The basics

Look, what lies ahead is a lot of common sense and practicality. Yet if I forget how to properly prepare myself for bad weather then it stands to reason what others will too (doesn’t it?!). In the past 36 hours I’ve experienced sleet, freezing cold, bog standard rain and surprising mildness; it’s changeable and frustrating out there in the wild. So! What to have in your arsenal with you at all time:

  • A roomy bag, with a bag-for-life tucked in it.
  • If you prefer to wear heels at work, pack them in said bag and commute in your sturdy boots.
  • An umbrella.
  • Spare pair of gloves.
  • Sunglasses.
  • A hat.

When the drizzle just won’t stop

You know what I mean (especially if you live in The West) – it’s when the actual air is wet, there are bazillions of little droplets seeping in to your skin and clothes and hair and before you know it you’re soaked, and your mascara is half way down your face. There’s no other thing for it, a raincoat is your only man, but what if you’re going somewhere fancy or have a work thing you really should look presentable for? Why not dig out your summer fold up raincoat (which can be picked up in Penney’s or Dunne’s for a song) and layer the hell up? Get it in a bigger size so you can wear a blazer underneath, and tuck your scarf in to it. As for shoes, they’re not the most attractive and even Kate Middleton has relegated them to the only-in-case-of-emergency pile, but a patent leather (or faux leather) pair of heels with a block heel can be easily wiped clean and will keep your footsies as dry as possible under the circumstances, otherwise a nice practical brogue or a good pair of weather-proof boots will certainly do the job.

drizzle 2


drizzle 3

When there’s a good chance you’re going to get caught in a heavy shower

This happened to me last week – I left the house in the morning to relative mild, dry weather and returned later to a massive downpour that flooded the footpaths and my slingbacks. Yes, I was warned and yes, I neglected to take any heed. In the future I will brace myself for showers and take in to consideration how to appropriately dress myself for them. Flat (or at least not sky-high), waterproof boots are the way to go. I have a super pair (again, from Penney’s) that are wellies disguised as Chelsea boots and they look the bees’ knees with a pair of navy skinnies and a snug little polo neck. Pair with your good winter coat and an umbrella, providing that a gale force wind isn’t a’ blowin’ and we’ll have you happily stomping through the puddles.

rain 3 (1)

rain 2

rain 4

When it’s dry, but freezing

It takes a few more minutes to get yourself ready to face the world when it’s gosh darn freezing outside. Nice warm boots and a well-lined coat are the obvious choices but sometimes the occasion just doesn’t allow for them. Ear-muffs, a beret or beanie and a pair (or two) or gloves are non-negotiable, but if you can bear it you’ll get away with any pair of shoes (wear tights! Or pop-socks! I’m serious!), and your all important layers. If you’re out and about casually, just go full on hygge.

cold 1

cold 3

cold 2

What else?

If bad weather is forecast pay attention. It will save you a load of heartache in the morning if you lay your clothes out the night before; choose your outfit and stick to it! It also helps to have decided on your accessories – if you have to wear a variation of the same thing a few days in a row there’s no telling what a statement necklace or pair of earrings can bring to your look.



brooch 2

Bookmark this one for a rainy day, so you’ll be forearmed to face these few more months of shitty, changeable weather. Then all of a sudden it’ll be spring, and we can move on to wearing trends again – keep an eye out for our upcoming low-down on SS19, and what to wear when the sun starts shining again. Until then remember that every cloud has a silver lining, especially when you’re ready to take it on.

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