Trend Watch: Autumn Winter 2018

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Vogue US has Beyonce, British Vogue has Rihanna and TMCM Ireland has them both! Trend Watch: Autumn Winter 2018 is basically our September issue; come with us as we guide you towards all the trends you’ll be craving this AW18 – skinny eyebrows and floral crowns notwithstanding.



In the world of magazines, fashion spreads that have ethereal names such as Lost Highway, or Magnificent Obsession, or Spellbound are called stories, which is exactly what they are. The editors bring together a theme they’ve seen emerge on the catwalks and runways and translate it into a beautiful shoot taken by a beautiful photographer filled with beautiful models wearing beautiful clothes.

Here at TMCM Ireland we’ve already discussed the major Country ‘n Western story (if you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing it, it’s right over here, partner), but another story I’ve been taken by is Royal Highness. We’ll go into that in greater detail in another post, but for now think the refined Queen Elizabeth II of the 40s and 50s mixed with her spunkier sister Princess Margaret and you’ll be on to it. Another story, or theme, looks like its taken inspiration from the #MeToo movement – I call it Empowered Feminine Mystique but you can call it whatever the hell you like (#GirlPower)  More on these themes to come.


All leather look at Joseph AW18

Ladies, all leather looks are a thing. Seen at Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney (albeit vegan friendly leather-look, of course), Saint Laurent and many, many more, this isn’t exactly for the faint hearted. I’d go for a black leather/pleather midi skirt (pleated, if possible) and pair with a shiny top in a matching colour to emulate the look without looking like you’re off to an S&M party.

Ladylike tweed at Dolce & Gabbana

Didn’t I say the regal look was about to go mainstream (and I’m not talking about Kate or Meghan). Tweed is still a big deal this year, and you can throw in a bit of tartan too. Nip in the waist, keep it demure and you’re ready to ascend the throne.


Max Mara FW18

Check and tartan are no-brainers, and along similar lines to tweed. But the biggest print trend this AW18 is undoubtedly animal. You’ve got your leopard, you’ve got your cheetah, your zebra and your tiger. All at once – even better! You will not be able to move in on the high street without bumping into animal print of some description, so go for whatever suits you, be it a blouse, pair of shoes, jacket or even just an accent on an accessory. Oh, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be its true colour – the prints were seen on neon backgrounds in Tom Ford’s show.

Coat style

Alberta Feretti AW18

The nipped in waist of a 40s style jacket, reminiscint of Dior’s New Look is a lovely and elegant silhouette for this winter, and suits just about everyone. Put another way – belt your blazer. Oversized is still on the menu but harder to pull off – I always look like I’m wearing my dad’s coat whenever I have tried it in recent years – but this season’s cape style coat is a nice and easy alternative. Everyone from Marni to Dior to Saint Laurent had their take – wrapping yourself in a blanket or getting a dressmaker to re-jig an oversized old coat is definitely a thing.

Skirt style

Chloe AW18

If you’re not wearing leather mini or a prim and fitted pencil midi to go with your 40s style blazer you might want to go for something louche and loose, maybe even with an asymmetrical hemline. If it’s pleated, all the better.


Hermes AW18

All the colours of the fallen leaves are what you’ll be after this year. A soupcon of mustard will look gorgeous against the rich browns and rusty reds that are set to be the big players of autumn and winter. All look great with navy or charcoal grey.



Why the white cowboy boot of course!

Micro trends

Fendi AW18

The art of flaunting your designer logo hasn’t abated with logomania still going loud and proud. It’s a bit ironic and playful rather than in-your-face (did you spot the Chloe socks under the skirt style section earlier?), but those of us sans designer budgets will have to make do with a lookalike from Penney’s or the re-use of the nice bags make-up and perfume comes in at BTs. That’ll do the job nicely!

Calvin Klein AW18

Every season sees the rise of a questionable micro-trend; this SS18 was awash with bumbags/fanny packs – I got one and never looked back over concert season, a Godsend it was! This AW’s trend is a little… weirder. Headgear is where it’s add, with detachable hoods all the rage at Maison Margiela but the balaclava, or ski mask is the surprise trend of the season. Seen at Gucci, Dior, Marni, Preen and more, no one did it quite as authentically as Raf Simons for Calvin Klein. Okay then. Least it’ll keep our ears warm.

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