Your Heatwave Style Problems Sorted!

Post by CM

I’m not bored of it yet, are you? I am OF COURSE talking about this heatwave we’re enjoying (or suffering through), that people, not naming names, are starting to get a bit fed up with. Maybe it’s because we’re not used to it, and we’re better prepared for sunnier climes when we’re safely beside a large pool of water in Spain or France, maybe it’s because our pets are uncomfortable, maybe because we’ve run out of nice clothes to wear and are now down to Snoopy print pyjama shorts and the spaghetti strap top generally saved for non-human contact at home.

Well just call me Agony Aunt CM, because if it’s the latter, or you have some other hot weather sartorial conundrum, we have your heatwave style problems sorted, with a guide in how to get yourself dressed for the fifth and counting official day of the heatwave.

  1. You’ve run out of clothes and are too hot and sticky to do anything about it.

Simply put on a wash of the clothes that have made you feel best over the last few days (the sun will dry those threads once they’re done out in about 5 seconds, even after it goes down!) and put your best face forward. Come on, we’re a style blog, you didn’t think we’d let you get away with 10 year old PJs and a ratty string top did you?


2. Your legs are your least favourite feature but you CAN’T FACE wearing black tights to work any more.

Black pants

Guys, why are you wearing black tights in the middle of the summer? In addition to cruelly reminding everyone else of winter, it’s quite frankly a recipe for thrush. Perhaps it’s because you don’t want to show your legs, for what ever reason you may have. Instead, try a pair of black cigarette pants, or even black jeans. Pair it with the top you’d ordinarily wear with the skirt or if it’s a dress put on a smart, loose t-shirt on top and make it look a bit more work-friendly with some nice jewellery (not metals – you will burn yo-self!). Dress codes in the workplace will have invariable loosened over the heatwave, so throw caution to the wind and put on a maxi dress if you’d prefer (I bet you’ve got a black one) and throw those friggin’ tights in the bin.

black maxi


3. You don’t have any lightweight floaty dresses and all the shops have sold out!


This was my problem (as well as getting the tan-repelling, stubbly legs out dilemma – see above); walking around Galway there were every number of floaty mini and midi dresses out and about and I felt rather overdressed and un-ethereal in my light blouse and straight cut jeans. I have banned myself from shopping for the time being, boasting a bulging wardrobe that needed to be culled two years ago, so have to make do with what I’ve got. What I have is not a lot of heatwave appropriate clothing, but a bit of innovation goes a long way! An all-season going-out dress wouldn’t look too out of place in this weather, with the right accessories like flats instead of heels and wooden jewellery instead of bling, so comb your closet and see if there’s anything in there that might work.


4. Gasp! You have a wedding this weekend and the outfit you’d chosen was for a typical Irish summer, not this unholy humidity!


If you have a beach or destination wedding guest outfit at the back of your wardrobe wear it again. There are no actual rules that you have to wear something new each time, and needs must, not to mention reusing and recycling being a thing we could all do more of! Do you have an otherwise fairly casual maxi or midi dress, or midi or maxi dress that can be paired with a nice top? Class them up in heels (if you can manage), or fancy flat sandals, and some nice jewellery and you’ll be set. Don’t forget the sunscreen! Also, see point 3 above.


Bonus Tip!

Try to wear natural fabrics, or combinations, if possible. How do those lads (and gals) in synthetic football jerseys do it?! Polyester ain’t your friend in the heat of the summer sun, it’s more like that frenemy that cajoles you doing something silly when tipsy and filming it and then reminding you about it the next day – you think it’s a good decision at the time but the shame (and sweat patches) tell another story.

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