The Skirt that Launched a Thousand Outfits

Post by TM

Once the preserve of little old ladies or Lily Allen, the midi skirt now has a firm and permanent slot in our capsule wardrobe

Five or so years ago, charity shop style became mainstream. Suddenly, dressing like an eccentric bag lady wasn’t a sign of crazy cat lady syndrome, it was fashion! Skirts that I associated with 50-something year old women who looked like they were years older because they did time in the school of hard knocks looked good once the Olsens started wearing them.

Ever since the sun shone for a few seconds last week, I’ve been gearing up for a midi-skirt wardrobe takeover. The granny’s fave is now the fashion person’s skirt of choice thanks to second-hand shops and ’90s Courtney Love. Also, ‘style’, once unattainable for the common people on purpose, is now meant to be wearable. If you look like you are only wearing something because you have a driver on call to pick you up when your feet get tired, you’re doing it wrong.

This season, the classic midi skirt is having fun with its identity crisis. It’s realised that the wearer does not have to be ‘a lady’ but a person who doesn’t brush their hair every day on purpose or a person who consciously decides to wear dad runners.

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 23.12.34

When it comes to creating easy outfits this season, the midi skirt is the new skinny jean. You can wear it with anything and you’ll look like you made an effort.

While it’s still cold, take inspiration from Anna Wintour who wore the same knee-high boots for the entirety of New York Fashion week (and another pair throughout Paris FW) with a variety of mid-length dresses.

anna wintour fashion week

When it’s wedding time, wear the same skirt you wore knee boots and swap them for sandals. Then, for the next day, when you’re too hungover to wear anything else, put on the same outfit but wear it with sneakers.

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 23.24.56


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