When Fashion Goes Too Far: Dad Sneakers

Post by CM

There’s a troubling new trend a’brewing, and I’m not talking the resurgence of cowboy boots.

Dad sneakers, yes DAD SNEAKERS are on the rise. Also known as grandad sneakers, or ‘the new ugly shoe’ (can the imagery get any worse?) they’re the trainers/runners/sneakers/whatever-you-want-to-call them on the feet of many a street-style star, ‘fashion influencer’ or model du jour.

The disturbing footwear style got its first outing in September 2017 courtesy of Balenciaga ( helmed by Demna Gvasalia formerly of Vetements fame, ie the original instigator of the whole ugly/subversive/ironic clothes thing; remember that godforsaken DHL hoodie?), followed swiftly by equally as hideous offerings from Louis Vuitton and now Dior, Alexander McQueen, Versace, Burberry, Stella McCartney, Maison Margiela (Nike and Adidas too, obs) TO NAME BUT A FEW! are getting in on the act:

Some may say it’s great that comfortable footwear is in style, and featuring on nearly every catwalk of note, but not I. There’s something to be said for a fancy flat, say, or a neat little tennis shoe, but these monstrosities are on another level. Sure, it might be a statement of sorts; model types intentionally cladding their hooves in these shoes that have previously only been seen on white, middle-aged, middle-class, (mostly) American men traipsing around Europe attempting to use dollars and being bewildered when faced with a non-English speaker; but surely there are other ways to ironically and playfully stand up to the patriarchy using fashion?


And another thing; these trainers cost upward of €500 – the Louis Vuitton Archlight pair are an eye-watering €850. Trying to replicate the look on a budget would result less Bella Hadid on her way to another exclusive engagement and more Orange is the New Black prison issue attire.

Bella 1
Bella Hadid in Balenciaga trainers

Kim's friend


Street Style

Far from being knowing, cool and easy to pull off, chunky sneakers represent the type of style trend that can only work on thin, wealthy, well-groomed otherwise fashionable fashion folk. I for one do not want my feet to look ten times bigger than they are, without even the benefit of elongating my legs. Nor do I want to pair them with mom jeans and a t-shirt because instead of looking current and on trend I’d look like my sulky 8-year-old self all growed-up Big-style, wearing clothes picked out for me against my will.

Comfortable can still be chic my friends! Try a nice, well-made, well-fitting flat. How about a trusty pair of Converse? What about Toms? Beware the lure of affordable New Balance, cast your eye from inevitable replications in Penneys, resist the assurances that you won’t regret taking out a loan to buy a pair from magazines and affiliated blogs. Unless you want a pair of course! But in that case we can’t be friends any more*.

Mandy leopard





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