How to survive February with just a 10-piece wardrobe

Post by TM

Humans living in this part of the world spend two months celebrating one day; we voluntarily make ourselves miserable for one whole month and then we expect it to be spring on the first day of February. The climate has a different idea. And, by the way, February is still very much winter. 

So, in case you were wondering how I’m feeling right this minute, I’m cold. So very cold. I’m still poor from the festive season and the annual build-up of bills during a 6-week pay period so I’m in no humour for shopping despite the new season stock that’s finally pushed the sales shite out of the shops. Because of that, maybe. Who wants to wear a floaty, pastel hued dress out when it’s barely 1-degree Celsius?

If I could, I would wear long-johns under fleece-lined dungarees for the month. With duck-boots and an Aran cardigan. But, alas, my inner Anna Wintour has control over the sense part of my brain (in every interpretation of the word), so there’s no friggin’ way I’d been seen in public like that regardless of how warm and cosy and comfy it would be. Besides, I live in Dublin, not that place in Fortitude.

olivia palermo snow style

Even though I don’t have one – my high street shopping addiction has taken care of that – I am a fan of the capsule wardrobe. When I come back from High Street rehab, I’ll curate one for myself. But for this month, I’ll be living with the one-month 10-piece wardrobe that will see me and all cold women who care just a lil bit about style through the cold temperature and frosty temperament.

For the sake of common sense, I’m not including undergarments in the 10-piece February wardrobe and that includes tights and vests. Vests! Yes. Vests. I forgot they existed, too, until one friend chastised another last weekend, when we were all trying to find a pub not full of hen parties in Galway, for not wearing a vest under her shirt. I never do, but I’m going to start. Being warm rules in this sitch. (Besides, it will increase the wear-time of your shirts and jumpers.) On that same note, I’m not including your coat, hat, scarf or gloves OR other accessories like bags and jewellery. That’s for your personality to decide.

So, your 10-piece wardrobe should consist of:

  • Black skinny pants; jeans, leather or the like
  • Black flat boots
  • Boots with a heel in any colour other than black
  • 2 BIG jumpers
  • 2 shirts
  • Mini skirt
  • Midi skirt
  • Another pair of pants

Out of those ten simple pieces is about ten thousand outfit combinations. Your black skinnies with flat boots, shirt and jumper for a cold day. Your black skinnies with flat boots and a shirt over a vest for a not so cold day. See? Endless combinations.

OK, I’ll suggest another. Your mini, with black tights, a jumper and ‘high’ boots for work OR brunch. Your midi with ‘nude’ tights (or bare legs, if you can bare it) with high boots and a jumper for those same activities.

As long as you have a washing machine and dryer that work, you can survive on these ten pieces and still look like you made an effort. You can even take it into March, because, guys, it’s gonna be cold next month, too.

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