Twinkle Toes: Glittery Socks and Sandals

Post by CM

There’s little more  festive than a bit of sparkle. You’ve done the whole tinsel draped over your shoulders thing when you were a kid, glitter eye-shadow and nail-polish always make an appearance at this time of year, and there are loads of lovely sequin tops and skirts twinkling on the high street to choose from. But have you tried it on your toes? Call it the Guccci effect, but granny-chic meets eccentric-aunt is having a moment right now, and that moment is all about glittery socks and sandals.

L Fashion
Image from L Fashion

Your first thought has possibly been one of utter disgust, but bear with me! Socks and sandals are far more than your embarrassing dad’s interpretation of summer style. 1. Wearing socks with your sandals means your toesies won’t be on show in all their blue, frigid glory, which means that 2. You don’t have to bother painting them (or shaving your ankles for that matter) and 3. You get to wear your summer sandals in the depths of winter! Have I convinced you yet, even a little bit?

Orange ‘n gold
Inverse it, wear the sparkle on the sandal and the sock!

Like this pair of mouse friends, many of our dear readers will be celebrating their Christmases in smaller towns that may not look favourably on your unique choice of foot attire. But who cares? It’s festive, it’s fun and it’s that little bit frivolous. Just tell those disapproving ‘aul ones who are annoyed anyway that prodigal sons and daughters have returned to steal their seats at the bar that you’re a Christmas Elf, there to spread glittery joy. They definitely won’t want to bother with you after that fanciful proclamation.

This pair is from ASOS

But still, you may well prefer to keep your toe fingers to yourself, and so you can. Glittery socks can look just as cool with a closed toe (just not quite as daring).

Closed Toe

Pom Pom

Now what to wear with this perky pairing? I like the jeans look, you can go fairly conventional on top and then let your freak flag fly at the bottom. Blazer, shirt or t-shirt, jeans and you’re set.


Make like Leandra Medine and keep it relatively simple with a patterned skirt and big jumper. You’ll never be accused of being wall-flower in this lewk.


Finding it difficult to decide between pants or skirt? Do both! At the same time!


You can pick up your pair of glitter socks on the high street or online (I for one stole mine from TM‘s chest of drawers – if they’ve been abandoned for a year or more they’re fair game). Join me in the socks and sandals revolution – viva glitzy feet!

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