Christmas Special: For The Girl Who (thinks she) Has It All

Post by CM

I have never been this disorganised before Christmas, except for that time when I was seven and made a huge omission from my Santa list, so my letter had to be recalled in the nick of time (still don’t know how my mother managed to do that…) to add in the sand-art kit I so desperately needed. 

If you’re like me, leaving everything, everything (including party outfits – how did it come to this?) to the last minute you’ll be in need of a statement accessory to transform any ensemble. I came across this Joanne Hynes collar last week (it’s part of the designer’s Winter 17 collection for Dunnes), and immediately three looks came to mind.

Collar 1
Joanne Hynes Roses Ruffle Collar (Dunnes Collection, Winter Part II)

Winter florals? Check. Interesting, eye-catching design? Check. It can be worn with a white t-shirt, jeans and a pair of court shoes, or any of the other colours featured in the pattern. It would be gorgeous over a plain LBD, or even better a little orange dress, picking up that striking dash of colour on the right.

Collar 2
Joanne Hynes Roses Ruffle Collar (Dunnes Collection, Winter Part II) 

It’s dramatic, yes, but considering the combinations it can be used with it would be a really hard-working part of your wardrobe this Christmas.

Now you’ve got your party, Christmas day and any other event outfit sorted you might want to get the rest of your life on track. Have places to go and people to see this Christmas? Treat yourself to one of these kits from Lennon Courtney, if you know what’s good for you.

Gift Set 1
Lennon Courtney Gift Set (Dunnes Collection)

It’s got a card holder (pivotal for nights out when you’re rocking a little clutch instead of your usual handbag), an iPhone 6 or 7 mobile cover (to match! Everyone will think you’re the girl who has her shit together!), a passport holder (to maintain your air of mystery) all contained in a super handy see-through make-up bag.

Gift Set 2
Lennon Courtney Gift Set (Dunnes Collection)

When I clocked the set I knew I needed it in my life. The colour scheme is modern-classic, the choice of accessories by the designers Sonya Lennon and Brendan Courtney is a very good one, and the make-up bag itself is gloriously roomy.

Both the collar and the gift set would make such great presents too, for the fashionista in your life or basically the girl who (thinks she) has it all, but hurry, I predict they’ll be out of stock soon, considering their all round loveliness and versatility.

BUT! We have a surprise for you – we’re giving away both the collar and the gift set to one lucky winner! The competition is live now on Facebook and Instagram and closes on Monday, December 11th with the winner being announced on Tuesday. Good luck!

  • Please note that this is not a sponsored post. I genuinely love the gifts up for grabs and they have been purchased by me, for the lucky winner. x CM

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