Style Icons: Jeff Goldblum

Post by CM

Youz guys, I’m furious at myself for not twigging before what a stylish man Jeff Goldblum is. Of course, there are his film roles; that chic facepaint in Thor: Ragnorok for one, his iconic mullet in The Fly for another, but now thanks to Gennefer Gross via Every Outfit on Sex and the City  proving that he’s not only an acting chameleon but the only possible option for an SATC reboot, I’ve been convinced that he’s the male style icon of our time. Behold:


Those shoes without socks, that impecable suede jacket, the salt and pepper quiff! I couldn’t help but wonder,  has Jeff been taking style tips from SJP?


What a perfectly put together outfit, as casual as Miranda is corporate.


If anyone can pull off a low cut top under a skinny suit it’s Samantha. And Jeff.


A perfectly tailored monochrome outfit with a cute take on diamond print is pure Charlotte. Jeff takes it to the next level with his contrasting pattern shirt and alluring but cheeky pose. And those two are the only ones who could wear white pants with such confidence!


Keeping it casual in a classic pairing of chinos and denim shirt, with leather jacket, white cons and the strut of a man who knows he can’t put a foot wrong.


Look at those loafers! Would that I were that opera house on his shoulder.


Who can’t resist that dazzling smile? Perfection!

In Jurassic Park
In Independence Day

And the glasses. I haven’t mentioned the glasses. His face would still exude the same charm without them, but they really are the icing on the cake and the cherry on top. It would make any self respecting man (or woman) throw away their stupid contact lenses.


Dunno about you, but my crush seems to have grown since the start of this post *fans self*

Do we need any more persuasion? Hells no. Jeff; you keep doing you.

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