Last Minute, Low-Key Halloween!

Post by Aoife – Updated October 2019

It’s almost the bank holiday weekend, which means that a good proportion of you  may be about to find themselves in various drinking establishments surrounded by ghouls and goblins, and sexy versions of ghouls and goblins, while in their bog standard going-out clothes.

Well put your FOMO on hold and read on, for your favourite mouse is about to bring you four costume options for the last minute, low-key Halloween of your nightmares, and the easiest way to win that bottle of alcoholic something sweet and sticky that’s on the go down the local boozer.

Pop Culture Icon 

Moira 1

Moira 2

Moira 3
I mean…

If you don’t watch Schitt’s Creek you are missing out, not only on a genuinely funny good time, but the queen that is Moria Rose. Played with zeal and relish by the brilliant Catherine O’Hara, Moira is the former soap-star diva with an un-placeable accent and an astonishing sense of fashion. Apparently based partly on the eccentric style of Daphne Guinness, Moira serves a look for any occasion. I mean, she wears a waistcoat over her pyjamas (a woman after our own hearts).


Reference to a popular movie

You could go as The Joker, or get a Hawaiian shirt on and some aviator glasses and be Brad Pitt from Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood, but why do that when you can do this?


Lupita Nyong’o was incred as Red in US (as well as her earth-dwelling counterpart Adelaide). Boiler suits, as you know were everywhere this year, and I’ll bet that you’ll be able to find a red one on a discount rail somewhere. Add a big pair of scissors and that’s that!

Us family

Bonus! Looking for a group costume? Sorted! Got a twin? Go as Red and Adelaide! (Here’s looking at you, Town Mouse…).

Retro Childhood Halloween

If wearing a sheet in order to pretend you’re a ghost isn’t enough for you, try this out for size. Hark back to the glory days of Halloween in 1990s Ireland and get rough and ready with your costuming. While this is something you can fairly easily rustle up it does require a good bit of assemblage, and warning: you may risk being stabbed multiple times by staples, but hey! Real blood!

90s Halloween
via Reddit – submitter: peterlmal67

What you need: Black plastic bin bags – cut holes, nip and tuck, generally tailor to your heart’s desire with the help of sellotape and staples. If you’re going to be a witch, get a handy cereal box and roll it into the general shape of a pointy had. Then paint it, if you want! Use some elastic or ribbon to tie it – part of the charm of the outfit is that it keeps falling off so this needs to be in no way precise. You will also want some face paint – the cheaper and more likely to break you out horribly the better! You might also want some fake vampire teeth – only buy if they’re absolutely guaranteed to cut your gums to shreds.


BONUS! –  Flying Tiger still have a few of these masks in stock. They’re a poor imitation of those that used to come with scratchy hair spouting out in itchy spirals from the top, but would do the job.

When you only want to nod at the occasion

Maybe you want to remind all your friends and strangers in the pub that you’re too cool to dress up, or you’re simply too pretty and delicate to. In those cases visit Penneys and Flying Tiger for an impressive array of festive jewellery ‘n stuff. They still have loads in the Galway stores (as of the time of writing) but pop down soon all the same just in case.

Penney’s, Eyre Square Galway

The spider earrings can be worn all year round to fend off annoying and mostly irrational arachnophobes!

Penneys, Eyre Square Galway

I actually am all for anything that both glows in the dark and makes my legs look thinner (albeit at least two feet shorter).

Flying Tiger, Eyre Square Galway

Buy the silver wig and just put it on from time to time when you notice a new wrinkle, to see what you’re going to look like in five – fifty year’s time.

And here are some from Halloweens past, in case you’re going to a retro themed party!

Pop Culture Icon 2017

Who can forget the magical moment when breakout star of the BBC Serious News Discussions burst through the doors of her father’s home office and into our hearts in an unabashed and joyful march to the beat of her own tune? An icon for not only this year’s Halloween, but for the ages! It’s little Marian Kelly – get her look in two easy steps!

Marian gif

Yellow jumper (or tee-shirt, or cardi, whatever you or a friend might have at hand), black skirt and tights (or black pants, it’s all good!), doesn’t even matter what shoes because you can’t see them, hair in adorable bunches and a pair of glasses (if you’re not lucky enough to have poor eyesight nip down to any 2 Euro shop or its equivalent and pick up a pair of white reading specs).

Marian 2

BONUS! – You can even wear a coat, which is always a good thing at the end of October – root out a trench, get a black scarf, ribbon, even a tie in a pinch and fashion yourself a bow, and you’ve got the look DOWN!

Reference to a popular movie

A Ghost Story wasn’t actually that popular (in the sense of Wonder Woman type popularity that is) it wasn’t even particularly widely seen, but it was really good, and provides you not only with really easy inspo for your low-key costume but also hipster credentials. Casey Affleck is said ghost, but you’d hardly know given he wears a sheet over his person for 90% of the film.

Ghost story

How easy is that to copy? Very! The only thing is that sheets aren’t actually that cheap, so if you can use an old one that you’re going to replace instead of buying one out of desperation all the better. Get a helpful adult to cut the holes where you want the eyes to be and you’re all set.

Ghost 2BONUS! – Your sheet doesn’t even have to be white; Ghost Casey has a ghost friend whose sheet is floral, so even if yours is red satin (and you definitely want to get rid of that), you’re on the right track.

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