Sequin Queen

Post by CM

Sparkle has been creeping in as everyday wear for a few years now. First was the acceptable use of sequins as day wear around Christmas time, then it expanded beyond the festive season, and now? Now, if the recent SS18 shows, and the trend forecast for this AW17 will have you believe, you’ll be head to toe in bling from basically this day forth, so help you goddess.

Legend has it that the real obsession began with those Saint Laurent slouched silver boots last February, and certainly the slouched boot is one of the key boot trends for the coming months. Put some sequins on it and you have your shoe-niform perfected for the next year. Not feeling it? There are so many other motivations for you to fly your fabulous flag; let me count the ways…

  1. Saint Laurent AW17

Saint 3

Saint 2

Saint Laurent 17

2. Dolce & Gabbana AW17

Dolce 2

Dolce AW17

3. Isabel Marant AW18

Isabel 2

Isabel AW17

4. Victoria Beckham SS18

Vic 2

Vic 3

Victoria SS18

5. Marc Jacobs SS18

Marc SS18

Marc 3

Marc 2

6. Tom Ford SS18

Tom 2

Tom 3

7. Saint Laurent SS18

St L 3

St L SS18

St L 2

8. Dior SS18

Dior SS18

Dior 3

Dior 2

9. Gucci SS18

Gucci 2

Gucci 3

Gucci SS18

10. Maison Margiela SS17



So that’s ten reasons why, and that is not even ten reasons to wear sparkle but nine collections from which to choose inspiration from, from this season and next! From Gucci‘s eccentric Rocket Man look, inspired by Elton John, Victoria Beckham‘s twist on Dorothy’s ruby slippers, structured jackets and mini jackets and girly prom dresses, you’ll find some sparkle that’ll work for you.

Other upcoming trends of note: Marc Jacobs‘ models were fairly heavily layered for summer, does he know something we don’t about next year’s weather outlook?  The colour of this season is undoubetedly red, but I’ve spied a lot of puce yellow/mucus green on the SS18 catwalks; think you can pull that one off?


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