The Other Fashion Weeks Street Style

Post by CM

Guess what I’m bored of. Go on, guess. If you exclaimed “News about Trump’s latest antics!” “Internet commenters trying to out-do themselves with offensive ‘opinions’ about things!” “Facebook informing me that some rando friend who I’m on the brink of unfollowing has liked some stranger’s photo of their baby with spaghetti sauce all over their face!” why, you’d be right, but what I am most bored of is the bi-annual Fashion Month spectacle. Have New York, London, Milan and Paris fashion weeks had their day?

Not quite, but almost. More designers are choosing to bring their seasonal showcases to the masses via alternative means, the advent of live-streams have removed the exclusivity fashion eds have always exclusively enjoyed, and dare I say the street style is also getting a bit stale. One of the best things about Fashion Month is the street style, so it’s fantastic that Scandinavia and Eastern Europe fashion weeks have begun to come more to the fore. A fresh breed of street style stars is all we need to give us some tips in how to dress in the transitional weeks through autumn to winter. Here’s what I learned from trawling the images from Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagan and Helsinki fashion weeks.


Helsinki Soren Jepsen
Photo: Soren Jepsen

I’m now obsessed with lemon and dark grey


Photo by Soren Jepsen

Millenial Pink is holding strong


Oslo Soren Jepsen
Photo by Soren Jepsen

Layering at its finest!


Photo by Soren Jepsen

Woolen jumper tucked in to wide leg pants! Be still my heart.

There were a few new season trends spotted across the board, also in Ukranian Fashion Week in Kiev, which are sure to be transplanted to the Big 4 over the next month. Handy updates for your autumn wardrobe if you have a few sheckles to spare.

Low Heeled, High Coverage Shoes

Shoes Oslo
Shoes Copen

Not necessarily in white, not necessarily paired with jeans, not necessarily finished with a ruffled shirt. Although admittedly that combo is a winner.


Stock Plaid
Oslo Plaid
Kiev Plaid

Works best with a long line, slightly over-sized blazer or coat. Ciggies not encouraged.

(Black) Backless Loafers

Black slides Helsinki
Slides Cop

Backless loafers may be slightly impractical, but they look cool in any colour, and are great with jeans and midi skirts alike. But if you can only buy one pair, make it black.



*All photos Soren Jensen for Vogue UK


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