Maximalism or Why You Should Keep Every Item of Clothes You Buy

Post by TM

I’ll get straight to it

Some people simply need a lot of clothes, and I’m one of them. I love the idea of a perfectly curated capsule wardrobe, but when you don’t own a washing machine and are too poor to launder your clothes more than once a month, well, you simply need a lot of clothes.

Last weekend, I had a notion that I would clean out my wardrobe for the autumn. I put away jeans and t-shirts I hadn’t worn all summer, only to pull them out again yesterday because my laundry bag is now triple the volume of my wardrobe. And you know what? I like them again.

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 20.44.34

Sonia Rykiel

When you’re ‘into clothes’ you’re either one of two people.

1) The type who carefully selects good quality, flattering pieces and gets rid of them when their time has come.


2) The type who buys every single thing that takes their fancy and holds onto them until the end of time.

As much as I want to be Type 1, I belong firmly to the second camp. I also have a fairly serious shopping addiction and am sadly on my way to becoming a hoarder. But, hey! Everyone has their foibles.

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 20.46.44


I have to find a new place to live soon which is the very worst dilemma for a poor person from ‘the country’ living in Dublin, especially someone with more clothes than sense. Where am I going to put them all if I can’t find a place with a second bed room? Certainly not St Vincent de Paul. (Sorry, VdeP, I’ll donate… knives and forks instead.)

I saw a video on Racked’s Facebook page today that made me laugh out loud. It said that an addiction to fast fashion means you end up with shoddy crap you never wear. WRONG, Racked. All the shoddy crap I’ve bought in my day I’ve worn at least five times. Now I get that this is bad for my bank balance and the environment, but I can’t abide by the strict rules laid out by an, ahem, fashion website (buy better quality, buy fewer clothes, wear more often). Maybe someone with a high-paying job and a functioning washing machine or drying apparatus could. Not I!

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 20.46.29


Trends and fashions used to last for a couple of years and then disappear for a decade. I know this because my first pair of flared jeans were my mother’s last. Now, though, trends march to the beat of Anna Wintour’s block-heeled clip-clops. They come back. They die. They’re worse than poor Shane Filan’s solo career for a while. Then they’re back! (There’s hope for you yet, Shane.) Those jeans will live to see quite a few more days.

I’m going back West in a couple of weeks, and I’m already giddy at the prospect of swapping my big frilly sleeved t-shirts with the massive jumpers I have stored there. Some are from a couple of years ago. Some are from my Korea days. I have a woolly jumper I got when I was 12, and I’ve worn it every year since.

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 20.47.05


This autumn, I can’t wait to break out the pair of excessively wide palazzo pants I bought in Oasis of all places the April before last. They’ll be joined by the huge yellow jumper I brought home from Seoul. I’ll also be introducing two pairs of boots to my Dublin life – knee-high ’70s style tan heels and flat, pointy over-the-knees. And because of my addiction, a few new things will join the gang.

Kourtney Kardashian presented the idea of ‘lampshading’ a while back, i.e. wearing a huge top and very skinny trousers or no trousers at all for you to resemble a lollipop or a lamp. And we can do it all over again this a/w. Yay!

Big pants are ‘in’ too, so I hope you have some left over from your brother’s Joe Bloggs phase. In fact, everything is big now, that’s why I called this post ‘Maximalism’. You might have gotten the hint from the helpful pictures interspersed between paragraphs. Just supersize everything. And don’t throw anything away.


Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 20.50.38

Ports 1961

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