New Uniform

Post by Aoife

I, like many people out there barging headfirst into September, hate everything in my wardrobe. I’m sick of all my clothes, clothes that I’ve worn on rotation since last year (and before) in various levels of layering, my shoes are falling apart or need re-heeling and anyway I don’t want to get them re-heeled because I hate them. 

Taking a cue from colleagues who are getting ready for the great back-to-school caper, I have decided to invest in a new uniform for myself; to do a big clear out of my wardrobe (why do I have 4 pairs of faded, baggy-kneed formerly black jeggings stuffed into a shelf, why?) and ditch the stuff that’s too small (even slightly too small), too old (there’s a lot of very old tops in there) and just too ‘old me’. I’m creating a handy, every day autumn/winter closet that will take me from work to weekend and back again.

Slim legged dark denim jeans

dark denim jeans

I want these, please. Two pairs. I have convinced myself that a couple of pairs of dark denim jeans, straight leg, will get me through the dark days of winter, punctuated on occasion by a pair of black high-waisted trousers. Without fannying about with rips and frayed edges they are absolutely smart enough for the office. The pair above are Vero Moda.

‘Interesting’ light knit sweaters

Sweater 3

Sweater 4

In addition to some jumpers/sweaters I already have and will probably hang on to I would like to add a few ‘interesting’ items to my collection. A light-weight knit in a lovely fabric is one thing, add a load of brooches and it becomes quite another. If you don’t feel like trawling through vintage, haperdashery and second hand shops to up-cycle your sweater, there are bound to be loads to choose from on the high street.

Non-Wrinkle shirts



These are not only good for elevating that jumper (especially if they have a crystal collar or some such), they will also be invaluable when the office Olaf turns the heat up to 90. That blue ruffle blouse you got in May will absolutely do the job (and big sleeves are also huge in the coming season), and I love a shirt or blouse with a little something extra like a print or a different colour pocket. Just something to give it that je ne sais quoi; you get the picture.

Chelsea (style) Boots



I’ve come to realise that the shoe I will be wearing the most in the next few months will be a sturdy boot in the Dr. Martins camp (which probably won’t be quite right for work, even in my office), or a nice new Chelsea boot. They go with everything, but if you have to smarten up you can always replace them with a handy black block heel (there are some affordable versions on the go in Penneys and New Look right now!)

Yellow Rain Coat

I was in Edinburgh last week, and while the sun mostly shone there were also a few spatterings of rain. While I was wearing my years old dark green rain coat (which you can see on Instagram here!), pretty much everyone else (who was dressed appropriately and well) was sporting a bright yellow rain coat. And now I want one. I’ve seen them in numerous iterations back home in Galway as well so they’re definitely a thing, but they’re also so cute and practical.

yellow one

yellow two

These may not be suited to your work place, unlike mine, where I’m in the fortunate position not to have to make real-life contact with actual people on a regular basis. We should be neat and tidy, obviously, but I can definitely get away with sturdy flat boots and a nice jumper. But even if you can’t wear them to work, they’re just the things for lovely autumn weekend fun. Roll on September!

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