How to dress for autumn when everyone is wearing the same thing

Post by TM

Magazines may write about a/w trends, but you know and I know that everyone’s going to be in the same ‘a/w’ clothes they wear every year: jumpers, jeans, scarves over tops (all day long) and skirts with black tights.

You might scoff and remark that nobody was wearing a chunky knit over a midi skirt till a couple of years ago (with the exception of your granny who lives on an Aran island), but we WILL wear that combo again. A comfy midi skirt and big huge jumper make an excellent cosy day ensemble.

chunky jumper midi skirt

You see, over the last few seasons, trends haven’t really changed that much. In the age of fast fashion, trends are slowing down. You can only really wear ‘fashion’ pieces inside anyway, and when it’s cold out, style tends to go out the door.

But look in any fashion magazine and they’ll tell us to get ready for these ‘trends’: winter florals, Heritage, grunge, shimmer. Sound familiar? They should; they’re the same trends mags have been writing about since 2013. This year, they’ve added Atomic Blonde ’80s, Unrealistic Futuristic, red and ruffles – blah de blah, we’ve still heard it all before.

There is absolutely no need to go shopping for an autumn / winter wardrobe if you already own leather boots (high and low), an oversized coat and a few big jumpers. Except if you’re the type of person who checks the next day weather forecast and picks your outfit for the next out the night before. Then, you can have a bit of fun.

There is a way to look stylish and different while still being warm and cosy like everyone else. You just have to look at how the fashion big boys interpreted predictable trends this time round.


Red is the most obvious colour of the season. This year, wear it head to toe.


Givenchy a/w 17


The default tights setting this time of year is black and opaque. But you should make like Céline, Balenciaga and Mulberry and fancy them up. Clashing prints and colours encouraged.


Mulberry a/w 17

Ruffles and frills

Girlish frivolry is usually reserved for the summer months, but this autumn / winter, we’re teaming our ruffs with jumpers and boots. And it’s a good look.

giambattista valli

Giambattista Valli a/w 17



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