Everyone’s dressing like 70-something Diane Keaton and so should you

Post by TM

I came across a pap snap of Diane Keaton last week, and it reminded me that she’s a Goddamn style icon and how the ef could I have forgotten that? Since the 1970s she’s been dressing like your eccentric aunt, always doing her own thing. You can’t exactly call her stylish in the, say, Amal Clooney way, but she definitely has style.

diane keaton hats

Remember that time she wore a thousand hats?

The day I saw the candid photo of Diane was the day Man Repeller published their now viral piece onmenocore which is pretty bloody frustrating, Man Repeller, because I thought of it first, and TMCM could do with those clicks. Except you put it into very good words and wrapped it up in a very nice term so, thanks, Man Repeller. You’ve saved me from writing about 400 words.

You may wonder why paps are snapping a septuagenarian when there are plenty of big browed, skinny twenty-somethings about. The reason is Hampstead, a terrible looking new movie she’s in. With Brendan Gleeson, I might add, another fine actor who doesn’t deserve to be in terrible looking movies. But so it goes.


Analysing Diane Keaton’s style isn’t a new thing, of course. She is Annie Hall (DiANE, and Hall is her real last name). The film was built around her personality and style, and that’s why it’s so iconic. She must have a clause built into her contracts that she gets to wear her own clothes (except for maybe the Father of the Bride movies) because it’s clearly Annie’s wardrobe in the role and not other Annie’s (The First Wives Club) or Erica’s (Something’s Gotta Give).

Annie’s style has evolved the way anyone’s would; one grows out of wearing what one wore as a twenty-something. But recently, her ‘mature’ wardrobe has become exactly what this thirty-something finds herself wanting to wear. And a lot of other thirty-somethings, according to Man Repeller’s Menocore Movement.

Diane Keaton was honoured at the AFI, and Meryl Streep turned up dressed as Diane Keaton

Some followers of ‘menocore’ go for the ageing yoga teacher school of style: harem pants, beads, tank-tops, etc.

Diane is all about the mannish tailoring with skirts, boots and, obviously, hats. Here she is drinking a bottle of wine on a chat show and talking about her celebrity friends. What an outfit.

Dressing ‘like Diane Keaton’ can be read in two ways. Her wardrobe is worth copying, for sure. It’s classic and classy but with a little eccentricity thrown in. But the more important interpretation is to dress how you want to. DK has been doing it for years, she’s copying nobody, and that, friends, is that.

Diane Keaton Style Hall of Fame


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