Trend Watch: Un-Match your Earrings

Post by CM

I’m one of those people who often chooses not to wear my favourite pair of earrings on a night out (by this I mean out-out, where dancing might be done or at least some hair flinging after one too many glasses of whatever’s going may be taken) for fear that I will end of with one less than I had at the start of the evening. I have a box full of sad, pairless earrings that I’ve kept because I’ve loved them, in the vain hope that perhaps I’ll be able to find a match for them again. Well sisters and brothers, if you are like me – a serial earring shedder – then now is your time to shine! Matching your earrings is so over, now is the time to mix them the hell up. 

Nina Ricci

Just ask Kate Moss. In an interview about her collaboration with jewellery brand Ara Vartanian she declared that matching your earrings was OVER, it being much cooler to randomly throw on a couple from your bundle. It’s practically a faux pas to match now, and you don’t want Kate to think you’re a basic bitch now, do you? The collections obviously the height of cool by the way, check out a sneak preview of it here.

Kate earring

So, Kate Moss knows a thing or two about fashion, quelle surprise. The mis-matched earring thing was all over the SS17 catwalks, including JW Anderson, Mary Katranzou and Nina Ricci.

Marni SS17
Marni SS17
Nina Ricci
Nina Ricci SS 17

Full disclosure, everyone’s least favourite US President’s daughter (side note: remember when that would have been one of the Bush girls? How times have changed…) has also been spotted wearing the trend, and it has to be admitted that she looks pretty good doing it.

Ivanka earring
Ivanka Trump

All sorts of celeb types have shown their affinity for the mis-matched look as well – reports say Gwynnie Paltrow did it a few red-carpets ago, Emma Watson does hers with a hint of sustainability and Jessica Alba shows us that you can do it with studs too!

Emma Watson
Jessica Alba

And here’s a highly unflattering of photos of me, to show you how I tried it at an event I attended last night. Don’t tell me CM never does anything for you!


It’s literally the easiest and most fun way to update your look for the coming summer months; here are a few ways that I’ve been doing it, finally able to wear my beloved, pairless earrings once again. Thanks fashion!

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