You need a silk shirt or five in your wardrobe and now there’s no reason why not

Post by TM

There is one simple, easy way to feign a sophisticated image and that’s by wearing a pure silk shirt. I’m serious. Wear it with jeans, wear it with a corduroy skirt, wear it with leggings, why don’t you? Wear a silk shirt with anything else and people will assume you’re a regular Emanuelle Alt. 

Shirts are underestimated, especially by women who associate them with school or uniforms or, ugh, work wear, but in reality, they’re the most versatile and potentially the sexiest item of clothing you can collect.

Victoria Beckham, out of all her style incarnations, is best dressed as a business woman who knows the power of dressing as a business woman, which, as it happens, does not mean ill-fitting slacks and blazers. Obviously, because we all watch The Good Wife and Suits and other shows and movies featuring smart women who don’t take no shit from nobody, we know this already, but VB is a real life person who Good Wife’s it in real life. She Good Wife’s it to the max. Here she is, on the cover of Elle UK’s May issue, wearing that power shirt like it’s not even on.

Her shirt is probably cotton. It’s the quintessential ‘crisp white shirt’ and we would want it in out possession if it didn’t mean a special white wash and a thousand hours of ironing. And that’s why you need a silk shirt or five in your wardrobe. Hand-wash the pits and steam it. Then you’re good to go.

This is no capsule collection item; the silk shirt needs to live in your work/play closet in numerous guises. As I said, you can wear it with fricking anything – including leather trousers for a night out or wide-legged slacks to make the basic work beeatches jealous. And now, thanks to & Other Stories, which has a real life shop in Dublin and delivers to the entire island of Ireland, you can have one in any colour, pattern or print.

They cost about €85, and don’t question it. Get one, wear it three buttons down with a chain and rolled up sleeves, get all the compliments and then order four more.

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