LVxKOONS: Wearing your Art on your sleeve

Post by CM

Some people say that fashion is wearable art. Look at any Haute Couture show and I defy you to argue that point; even fashion as worn by an average Joe or Jane with an ounce of care about their personal style (and I mean small town Ireland, rather than Noo Yoik or Par-ee) is usually a filtered version; here’s me in my current favourite of earrings, an attention grabbing pair that wear me more than I wear them. Arty, right?!

Aoife B

You wear a lot of your personality, more than you may think with your style choices. A black bag is just a black bag until it’s jazzed up with a colourful scarf, a pair of jeans are just another pair of jeans until you rip a hole in the knee, cut off the hems and wear a pair of fishnet tights under them.


When I was in college I found a bag in a cheapo shop which I bought for around €15. It was a big enough tote (big enough to hold a bottle of wine with the zip open that is, which is how I measured bags in my Uni days), with a sturdy strap, black at the bag but with a black and white image of Marilyn Monroe at the front. I LOVED it. In hindsight it was, while not tacky per se, perhaps a bit well, basic, but it was me at the time, and I look back on early-twenties, kinda basic little me fondly. I had forgotten all about the bag until this week when I first caught wind of the collaboration between artist Jeff Koons and Louis Vuitton on a set of handbags depicting great art masterpieces. Get a load of this:

Van Gogh

Wowsa! It’s a Van Gogh painting on an LV bag, with VAN GOGH in big gold lettering! It has a bunny shaped tag! Wh, whhaaa? I’m obsessed, obvs.


Jeff Koons is what you may call a Post-Pop artist, and his career and body of work has been somewhat controversial. You may know him for his ‘balloon’ sculptures; the first piece of his I came across was his adorable giant floral puppy. Find out more here

Jeff Koons’ Puppy in Billbao

So, take Jeff Koons’s aesthetic and smash it together with Nicolas Ghesquiére’s vision as the creative director of Louis Vuitton and this is what you get! Would you wish for anything else? Many people would, as it happens. While Jonathan Jones all but shouts his praises from the rooftops in his article for The Guardian (which you can read here), the Daily Mail reports that lots of Facebook users are not convinced (you can find that article yourself). Sure, it has a whiff of those Marc Jacobs numbers from the early 2000s (you know the ones I’m talking about, knock of versions are still being sold on every dodgy market stall in the world), and they are not what you call subtle, but aren’t they sort of joyous? Aren’t they fun? Basic, brash, hilariously and unashamedly in your face, whoever buys this will certainly be wearing their art on their sleeve, and will know exactly what they’re doing while they do it.

If it’s good enough for Michelle Williams…

Ghesquiére devotees like Jennifers Connolly and Aniston, Michelle Williams (seen above) and Chloe Sevigny stepped out in Paris this week to welcome the brand new collection into the world (most rocking the clunky boot trend we looked at here). I remains to be seen whether the collection will triumph (I really hope it does), but I don’t think you should be too surprised to see a high street version show up sometime in the next few months. Go out and buy with pride; your future self, at least, will look back and smile.


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