Trend Watch: Knee Boots are Back

Post by CM

It’s been a while since knee boots were en vogue. Sure, they have been worn as part of 70s inspired outfits as that trend languished for a few years but they were nowhere near as ubiquitous as they were ten or so years ago, when every second girl out on the town had on a pair of forgiving black leather boots with their tiny denim mini, or tucked into the first incarnation of skinny jeans. But now, thanks to Anthony Vaccarello at Saint Laurent, they’re back. With a big, disco-ball bang.

Like, really back.

In Vaccarello’s second show for the brand that has always been known for pushing boundaries and promoting the Saint Laurent ‘girl’ to be a hard-edged, sexy rock chic he referenced the 80s with aplomb in sending his models down the catwalk in rhinestone, leather and vinyl, with a bit of suede thrown in for good measure. Out of all the shows at Fashion Month, this is the one that had editors scrambling to be first on the order list.


TM, over at her day job at was one of the quickest off the mark to wax lyrical over the glitzy version, and can’t you see why? They’re amazing! Fun, irreverant, flattering – what’s not to love? But be warned; the high-street versions that are sure to be churned out in time for Party Season in December will not – could not – be a patch on the real deal, and a trail of sequins is not something you exactly want leaving in your wake. Try the blue, black or tan versions instead; apart from anything they’re that little bit more practical for daily life.


The A-Listers are already leading the way – Kate Moss, Anja Rubik and Charlotte Gainsbourg were all seen on the front row of the Saint Laurent show already rocking the look. How did they know?!

Anja Rubik
Kate Moss
Charlotte Gainsbourg

So now there’s something to look forward to after the pink filled summer we’re about to dive into (yeah, pink is where it’s at next season, but we’ll talk about that again when a bit of sun and temperatures over 12 degrees put us in the mood). Root your old pairs from the mid 2000s out, or better yet raid some charity shops for the more authentic look. Avoid stilletto heels (which were all the rage back in my early college days), block heels, or angular heels are much better, not to mention easier to walk in. Size up if you need to (just add a few layers of socks – such great advice, I know) to get the slouch effect. Then all you need is a teeny-tiny skirt or skin-tight jeans, a band tee and a touch of blue eye shadow. Trust me, you’ll be wearing these boots for years.


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