The hottest accessory trend of 2004 is now a wardrobe staple

Post by TM

I’m still Miriam from the Road.

This week, I met stylist Corinna Gaffey before the Littlewoods Ireland SS17 show to discuss the collection. The first ‘act’ of the runway show was the will-it-ever-go-away-probably-not athleisure trend, and Corinna herself was all about it. Wearing jogger pants with a stripe down each leg she looked comfortable, cool and not unlike my teenage self.

I’ve gotten to the age where the clothes I wore when I was in secondary school are on trend again, in an ironic, with a modern twist kind of way. Five years ago we couldn’t believe we ever wore those baggy flared tracksuit bottoms from Susst; if I wore my pair tomorrow (that I still have as it happens, but the hems are completely frayed) I’d be well ahead of the everyday crowd.

Another big trend from the time has slowly crept back into style. Granted, it didn’t originate in the 2000s, nor did it fully ever go away, but in 2004 big round earring hoops were the only earrings to be seen in.


I had a pair or two, of course, but I never really loved them. While some people looked like they stepped into Trinity Rooms from Studio 54 others (me, even though I didn’t own anything remotely resembling a Burberry print) looked like part of Vicki Pollard’s posse.


And not in a kind of good way, like Kate. 

Kate’s outfit was so of the time, but all the school kids are on mid-term break at the moment and every teenage girl I walked infuriatingly slowly behind today was dressed similarly. But sans hoops. Give it time.

Hoops, gold or silver depending on what suits your skin tone better, are not considered chavvy any more. In fact, they belong in the jewellery department of your capsule wardrobe along with a string of pearls and, like, a bangle.

If Carrie Bradshaw wore them in season 4 of SATC and you still want to copy her outfit, you know they’re a staple and you know you should have some and you know that you have to go on and get some right now.


Hoops were all over the runway for SS16 and funnily enough they are not passé now, proving that like the skinny jean and western style ankle boot, it’s here to stay.

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 23.59.29.png

Rag and Bone SS16

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