A few good reasons to never spend over €1000 on a wedding dress

Post by TM

The one item of clothing you shouldn’t spend a shit load of money on is a wedding dress. You know every reason why: you will probably end up hating it on the day, two years or so after buying it; it will most likely end up looking dated – fast; and you only get to wear it for one day.

Of course, if I had a shit load of money to spend on a dress I’m only going to wear for one day, I probably would. But in this scenario, I would be able spend the same amount of money on another piece that I probably wouldn’t wear again anyway because I’d be so rich. As a person whose entire wardrobe comes from the high street, I’d be a fool to spend over €1000 on a wedding dress.

Racked, in an article I read after I started to write this post this is totally a coincidence I promise,made the good point that if so many cool companies make wedding dresses that cost less than a year’s college tuition, why do so many brides still drop the big bucks?

Last week, I went to the Debenhams Ireland SS17 press show and was surprised but pleased to see a bridal section. An absolutely gorgeous bridal section. If brides-to-be are worried that a cheaper (I hate that word but – ) dress, I can report that from the front row, they certainly looked premium. But prices ranged from €390 – €685.


There were options for bridesmaids too; this bustier and skirt cost €98 and €180 respectively.


And this Debut dress is only €210 (and could certainly also be a wedding dress, if you’re not into traditional white).

20170131_193050 20170131_193046 20170131_193043

On that note, and I’ll leave it there, Topshop is set to launch a bridal range, too. Here’s your first look.


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