Golden Girls

Post by CM

I’ve been spending an inappropriate amount of time thinking about what to wear over Christmas because ’tis the season, and ’tis my nature. To get my mind off considering whether I should sparkle, layer up in velvet, get comfy and cosy the Scandinavian way, work out how to salvage my party-ravaged face I’ve been anticipating awards season’s arrival. The Critic’s Choice Awards were on last week and the Golden Globes nominations were just announced, and you know what that means? The unveiling of Miss Golden Globes, and in 2017 we have not one but three!

Miss Golden Globe has traditionally been an offspring of Hollywood royalty, and next year’s awards will be no different, apart from the fact that three of them will be shoved on stage to share the limelight. Two of Clint Eastwood’s daughters have had the honour but in different years, and mother daughter duo Melanie Griffith and Dakota Johnson took on the role in 1975 and 2006 respectively. The trio taking part this year are the daughters of Rocky himself (and Oscar-nominated writer and actor) Sylvester Stallone!

Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures' "Creed" - Arrivals
Sistine, Scarlet and Sophia

Meet Sistine (18), Scarlet (14) and Sophia (20). Their mother is model and entrepreneur Jennifer Flavin, who’s been with Sly since 1988. Sophia studied communications in college, Sistine’s a model and Scarlet is a mere school-girl (for now). She’s the youngest to hold the title (although Laura Dern was only 15 when she was Miss GG in 1982). What a handsome family they are!

The Stallones

They’re a stylish bunch, you’ve gotta admit it. May as well have a look at some other fashion forward Golden Girls (and a boy) then, shall we?

Dakota Johnson


Dakota’s best known for her role as Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey, and is making a name for herself as a formidable fashion force too – here she is in Gucci!

Corrine Fox


Corinne Foxx is the the super pretty actress daughter of Jamie Foxx, and last year’s Golden Girl.

Freddie Prinze Junior



Does FBJ really need an introduction? A heart-throb actor in teen flicks in the 2000s, he’s been happily married to Sarah Michelle Gellar since 2002 (and has become quite the silver fox since his hey day).

Rumer Willis


When Rumer Willis first came on to the scene she was ridiculed for her strong jawline by those unused to seeing Hollywood daughters untouched by the surgeon’s scalpel before coming of age in the public eye. She got the last laugh when she won Dancing with the Stars, embracing her unique look by doing her own thing (and this shwishy-swooshy-sparkly dress could be much worse inspiration for an over-the-top New Year!)

The Golden Globes take place on January 8th, 2016. Keep an eye out for our inevitable best-dressed list afterwards (and a check in on how the Stallone sisters got on). But for now, back to the Christmas wardrobe planning; midi dress and tights for the win?

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