How to trick people into thinking you’re stylish when you’re actually just staying warm

Post by TM

Think about November, or worse, December. Brrrr is all I can say. It’s easy to look like crap when you’re cold. When the weather outside is frightful, I tend to hibernate in a huge woolly jumper and not much else. Except for a t-shirt underneath, thick tights and a mini skirt or jeans, socks and boots. It’s not a bad combination per se, but it’s functional not fashionable.

There are, however, ways to stay cosy while looking stylish. You don’t have to be one of those people who don’t wear tights in the name of style only to develop ghastly-looking goosebumps. Shivering is not chic. And, the only people who can realistically do that are French Vogue editors with a driver at their disposal.

So, instead of risking developing hypothermia, follow these six style rules.

  • Statement Boots


Wear all black, wear jeans and a wooly jumper, wear a damn thermal tracksuit. But wear a pair of statement boots and no one will notice what else you’ve on.

  • A Layerable Coat


Obviously you will need a coat in winter. But did you know not all winter coats need be massive? A lightish coat is essential in winter; you’ll need it to wear over something else like a tuxedo jacket, which you can layer over something else. That’s how you layer.

Which leads to the next point: A Big Bag


Once to you get to your destination – your friend’s house, work, the pub (especially the pub) – it will not stay cold. Unless, of course, you work in a freezer. Because of this, you’ll need a big bag to put your stuff in.

  • Colour


When the weather is crap, it’s tempting to wear black, but colour instantly makes you look like you’ve made an effort at Christmastime.

  • Knitwear


Even the thinest of knits can look chic and keep you warm without heating you up in a crowded pub. Invest in some good stuff and you’ll have it for years.

  • Accessorise


No brainer. Distract people with your bling.

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