Men’s Christmas: Volume II

Post by CM

Blare those trumpets, hark the heralds, jingle your bells, it’s Christmas time! Now is definitely the right time to start thinking about your seasonal dressing if you’re of the male persuasion (we started our wimmen’s series a couple of weeks ago – see the posts here and here!).

In Volume 1 we brought you the best pics of individual pieces to stock up on; here we give you some ideas of where to look for inspiration for your Christmas parties, dinners and evenings out from our favourite male winter style icons (now there’s a niche demographic).

Steve McQueen


Good old Steve was the epitome of cool back in the day. You may not think it now with the frost tickling your toesies, but our Irish Christmasses tend to be fairly mind – you won’t go wrong rocking up to Christmas Day lunch at the rents-in-law’s with this casual-smart jumper and chino combo, your popped-collar jacket and pair of aviators.


You might want to swap the stripey prison pants for a pair of jeans (or pyjama bottoms), but a denim shirt and cosy cardi combo is a winning look, if you wear it with a scowl to keep from looking a little bit grandpa (just kidding!)


Your iPhone may not be as practical as this phone-in-a-bag, but you can still get your hands on a good blazer (that will last you for years) and complimentary pants, polo and sweater vest. Don’t forget to match your socks.

Get the look:

  • Leather Jackets
  • Polo necks
  • A nonchalant attitude

Tiny Tempah


Tiny is so good at pairing colours and textures – check out that velvet tie! The accessories make the man – don’t be afraid to add a pin or two to your suit jacket, or layer bracelets on over your watch.


Bomber jackets are in for us, and they’re in for you guys too! This outfit is perfect for meeting the lads down the pub on Christmas Eve. Bring the bag. Show them who’s boss.


Going to a New Year’s ball? Wear. This.

Get the look

  • Intentionally too-short trousers (but well fitting otherwise)
  • Slim fit shirt
  • No socks. Ever.

Johannes Huebl


The name may not be all that familiar to you, but we ladies know him as one of our style icons Olivia Palermo’s husband. He’s a model, he’s German and he’s got smart-casual winter styling down.


Just layer, layer and layer some more!


It’s a little summery, but add  a scarf and that blazer you got to channel Steve McQueen and off you go.

Get the look:

  • Same colour shirts under sweaters
  • Sturdy but neat desert boots
  • Public school-boy haircut

And in case you need an ironic Christmas jumper…

Die Hard Christmas Sweaterindiadamjones Indiadamjones
You can buy it here!

Look no further than this one if your work party/12 pubs of Christmas outing/family get together requires you to wear a hilarious Christmas sweater (has the novelty not worn off yet?) Put it with a pair of black skinny jeans and a pair of cons and you’re all set to party into the night.

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