Velvet Dream

Post by CM

Look; the sparkly street lights have been turned on, the tinsel is being teared off the shop shelves, the air is cold enough to see your breath – I think the jig is up and we can finally say Christmas without risking a few sneaky side-eyes. CHRISTMAS! There.

With Christmas (I’ve said it again!) comes parties and with parties comes glad rags, and with the days so short, night looks can be debuted from as early as 4.30pm when the sun goes down. Traditionally party season has been accessorised by glitter and sequins (and more recently ‘ironic’ novelty jumpers), but happily for us the only texture you need this year is soft and luxurious and warm. Ladies, meet velvet.


It’s not exactly a new concept, but this winter velvet will dominate the best dressed of us all, and it’s so easy to work with. Already I’ve snapped up a pair of velvet shoes, a blue velvet body suit and a vintage velvet lounge coat (for €25!) and I actually don’t think I can stop there. But here’s how I’m going to be wearing those pieces over the next few weeks’ prosecco-fueled engagements:

Velvet Shoes


These are the exact heels I have (New Look, €38), and since I’ve bought them (yes, since!) I’ve seen the cuties featured on The Sunday Times Style Wardrobe Mistress page, and The Guardian fashion page. So we know they’re winners. I cannot bear sporting bare legs in the winter unless I’m guaranteed to be by a roaring fire all day and all night long, so I’ll be pairing these with black or nearly black tights – or socks. Below are examples of my reasoning!

Image via Fashion



It’s cool, okay? I’m going to do it and you’re not going to stop me.

Velvet Bodysuit

I picked up a navy velvet bodysuit from Asos and I can’t wait to wear it. It’s this very one!


Basically, I’m going to go casual as you like with light wash denim jeans (and maybe with a choker to squeeze all the nineties vibes out of it), and with a silver sequin skirt (it’s CHRISTMAS!) for one of the more dressed-up nights.



Velvet Lounge Coat

I wish I had a pic of my lounge coat because I’m in love with it, but alas I do not. Check out our Instagram page  every so often, it’s more than likely going to make an appearance on there over the next few weeks! Until then, it goes a little something like this:


*Heart-Eyes Emoji*

Velvet Dress

I have yet to pick up my inevitable velvet dress. TM has a crushed velvet mini that will work wonders, and my wishlist would include one or all of the following:


Amazon Studios "Cafe Society" Press Luncheon - The 69th Annual Cannes Film Festival

Ralph Lauren

So, will you be trying the velvet thing? If it’s too soft and romantic for you, you could give PVC a go – it’s going to be the next go to texture (you read it here first!)… but that’s for another post.


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