Capsule Confidential: Black tights

Post by Miriam
First published in November 2016, updated December 2019.

I don’t care how popular opinion might react to this statement; I will never wear black tights. In summer. Come September bring ’em on!

Black tights double your wardrobe. Unless you’re the type of woman (or man) who is meticulous about hair removal or tanning, or one who doesn’t care about hair removal or tanning, certain days mean jeans only. Oh, or maybe you wear tan tights, like Kate M. Well, that’s another story.

The point I’m trying to make is that when it’s black tights weather, you can wear any skirt in your wardrobe. You can wear any boots, shoes, runners, heels even. What, white runners? Yep! Hey, with a multi-coloured midi skirt? Bien sûr.

True, the very cool (literally) women go bare legged when the temperatures drop, and when they go black they more than likely go 10 dernier. But if that puts you off donning the black stuff, you must have access to a 24 hour chauffeur service and be on first name terms with every door-person in town.

See, you won’t look like Working Girl.

white trainers

That colourful midi skirt looks good!


Laundry day? Wear your black tights with your summer shorts.


My favourite way to wear black tights is with a mini skirt – the kind of skirt that would be a little too risqué to wear without tights (or, indeed, with nudes) – and sky-high boots.


Or thigh-high boots à la the model look.

bootsBlack tights might sound like a weird thing to add to your capsule wardrobe. They should stand alongside socks and underwear and lingerie etc. Ah-ha! These items belong in your collection too (but I’ll go into that another day. It’s specific).

You might wonder why I’m even arguing for such a versatile, valuable member of clothing. It’s because they are too easy for some people. Instead, they shave, laser, wax or pluck and brace the cold in the name of style. Well, I’m here to tell you that pain is not fashion. Fashion is a good attitude – and warm cockles.

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