The new Gucci shoe: Proof that fashion has us wrapped around its manicured finger

Post by TM

The Olsen twins are magicians who force people to dress like them without saying a thing. They get their unfair share of criticism: they dress like bag ladies; their faces are weird; they have weird taste in men; they smoke too much. But, criticise all you like; anything they wear turns to street style gold. 

Look at these shoes. Aren’t they the most hideous hooves you ever did see? They’re like shoes your trendy grandad has had for 50 years. And then there’s the fur.


When exactly are these fuzzies supposed to be worn? Socks are a no-no but then, the fur doesn’t scream summer. The leather would not take kindly to autumn and spring’s daily rain fall (let’s not think about what would happen to the fur). The winter chill would confine them to the safety of your own home where they can be not seen and only your shuffling would be heard.

Don’t fool yourself if you think they’re awful now; in a couple of months’ time you’ll be wearing the cut-price version from Zara.

Forget Crocs (sorry, Christopher Kane), forgot Uggs (my condolences, Preen by Thornton Bregazzi); the Fashion division of Opus Dei has decided that the Gucci Princetown Slipper is the ugly shoe our feet should fill this season. They’ve made that clear through their mouthpiece, Vogue.



The shoe made its debut last year and it has used these past 14 or so months to imprint themselves onto our tiny brains. In the same way we started wearing skinny jeans again when Kate Moss did, it only takes a famous face or two to change our mind.

Have these celebrities influenced your taste in shoes yet?

  • Alexa Chung (sold!)


  • Ashley Olsen (getting an oversized white shirt stat)


  • Mary Kate Olsen (yes, I can tell the difference even if Emkay’s hand is covering of her face)


  • Sienna Miller (actually, they look like good airport/plane shoes)


  • Dakota Johnson (getting the picture?)


  • Street Style


  • Street Style


  • Street Style


This time six months, will we be gliding around in these wondering why we turned our names up at them in the first place?



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