A hug from Hygge

Post by CM

First thing’s first – it’s (roughly) pronounced hue-guh, and it (very roughly) translates to cosy. But ‘cosy’ merely scrapes the surface. It’s a way of life that encapsulates conviviality, comfortable sylishness, a curl-up-on-a-plush-sofa-with-a-large-glass-of-red-and-good-company vibe – it’s basically living in an Ikea catalogue.

This’ll do!

Embracing hygge is like that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you’re admiring your Christmas decorations over a roasting cup of hot chocolate – except all the time. It’s a constant feeling of well-being, but it stands to reason that it comes into its own at the cosiest time of the year, around late autumn and winter.

On Wednesday TM brought us an update on what & Other Stories is set to bring when it opens its doors in Dublin, , a delightful mix of French and Swedish chic. This is another string to the European bow. Hygge generally requires other people – it’s quite a sociable concept – but you can instantly bring the hygge to the group by throwing on your comfiest jumper and most chicly casual jeans. Here’s how to get the look.

Your snuggliest jumper

You don’t need to try too hard. Actually, the whole point is not trying hard at all, just having a lovely time in your huge cosy sweater. Pin your hair up all nonchalant or leave it loose and free.


The bigger the better!

Your comfiest leggings

Comfort is key, so leggings under your enormous sweater will be your best friend. You don’t want to look fashionable as such, just comfortable with your innate sense of cosy style!


A vintage pic of moi, long before hygge became cool!

Your Sturdiest Boots

When you’re going from coffee-shop to pub you’ll need a pair of battered but dearly loved boots, that not only keep the rain and cold out, but allow for the fluffiest of socks to keep your toesies nice and snug.



Have a look through a few other cosy dressing stories we’ve had in the past – Big Bad Wolf loves all things furry, Knitters in a Twist has some great chunky sweater ideas and Jumpin’ Jumpin’ has even more!



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