Why you shouldn’t dress “like a French Girl” & Other Stories

Post by TM

Today I saw a preview of the collections coming to the new & Other Stories show coming to Dublin ‘by the end of the year’. I was surprised but pleased to hear that the three-story store will be “40% clothes, 40% accessories and 20% beauty”.

Style is not restricted to clothes. Accessories, more specifically how you accessorise, how you style your hair and what you put on your face are all important elements.


& Other Stories is the only high-street store to feature two ateliers: Swedish and French. This means that completely different aesthetics will cohabit the space on Grafton Street. The ‘Paris’ side of things for AW16 is opulent and bohemian and the ‘Stockholm’ half plays with structure and size.

The Paris accessories are big and embellished and multilayering is encouraged. Stockholm Stories accessories are elegant but fierce. I loved these sleek oversized earrings.


You don’t have to choose, of course. No need to declare that you’re a Parisian mademoiselle or a Stockholm kvinna (in the way that & Other Stories tells is); you can be either, or neither.

Online style publications are obsessed with ‘French Girl Style’ and go to great lengths to crack the Parisian chic code, when there is no code to crack. Sure, some Parisians wear a similar uniform of skinny jeans and a shirt and no-too-high heels, but many more don’t. The same goes for Scandinavian style. While you are likely to see a cool blonde in a long grey coat over black trousers and top with white sneakers, you will probably see one in, eh, skinnies, a shirt and heels.


It’s ok to mix and match. Your personal style does not have to fit into a clichéd box. Wear head to toe Stockholm & Other Stories one day and hat to sock Parisian & Other Stories the next. Wear a mix of both the day after. Just don’t stress yourself trying to conform. You know the clothes you like. Like yourself in them.

Take a look at the pics from the & Other Stories press day which took place in Dublin’s beautiful and unique Marsh’s Library. Tell us: are you gonna go Stockholm, Paris or both?

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