Style Icons: Inspired by Harry Styles

Post by CM

You wait for just one little glimpse of Harry Styles for months and months and then three full blown magazine covers come along at once. Everyone has a favourite 1D star, and for most people that favourite is Harry. For the record, I have heart-eyes for Zayn, but it’s absolutely undeniable that Styles really does possess that which he became famous for – the X Factor. He has charisma, likeability and good looks in spades, a trifecta that has gifted us with three different looks to cut out and keep and take inspiration from.

Men struggling with the move from shorts and sandals and wraparound shades into autumn – this one’s for you.

Harry Styles 1, 2 and 3

Number 1

Hazza’s first cover is right out of the 60s. Chop your hair as if with a shears, grab a polo neck, stick a woolly jumper over it (the scratchier the better) a pair of jeans as skinny as possible and some Chelsea boots (scuff them up a bit on the cobblestones before you head down the pub) and you’ve got the look down. Accessories: A battered guitar in a case that’s being held together by mere threads.




Number 2 

Harry’s so 90s in cover number 2 he may as well be called Jordan Catalano. A bit of shearling on a jacket is nice for the colder weather (for keeping warm but looking cool, see?)  and a skinny scarf or home-made necklace will off set the stringy old worn-to-death band t-shirt you could wear underneath it, over a slightly scruffier pair of jeans than your skinnies. Job done.




Number 3

Well, everyone else has been saying it and so will I. Number 3 is so ridiculously Mick Jagger you’d be forgiven for thinking you actually were back in Sir Michael’s 70s hey day. Harry has shorn his locks since, but keep yours long and lean to emulate this look. Get your velevet out (steal it from your girlfriend’s wardrobe if needs be, she’ll definitely have a velvet blazer this season!), pair it with a shirt, pants and some serious rock star attitude.hs-4



So, now you can stomp your way into autumn with plenty of ideas on how to dress yo’self. We have plenty more ideas for you men, just click on the Boy Zone tag below and peruse to your heart’s content!

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