The See Now, Buy Now Revolution

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For time immortal (or so it seems) the runway shows all fashion fans know and love have taken place bi-yearly, in February and in September. The February shows showcase the following Autumn/Winter collections, the September shows highlight the coming trends for Spring/Summer the following year. So far, so simple!

Calvin Klein S/S15

Not anymore. In this digital age where we live concurrent lives on and off-line and expect everything urgently, mostly at the click of a finger, traditional ‘real’ world industries like media, marketing and fashion are required to adapt. We talked about the rise of the ‘Pre’ shows before (read all about that here!), and of course the Couture shows aren’t going away any time soon, but the model for the February and September shows is changing to reflect that sense of immediacy craved by consumers, with prominent design houses leading the way in the See Now, Buy Now revolution. Christopher Bailey at Burberry is at the helm.


Burberry September 2016

Inspired by Virginia Wolff’s Orlando, Bailey fashioned a collection as cool and timeless as they come. Parading down the runway this week in London, having announced the change in direction of February, his was arguably the most eagerly anticipated shows. But in order to account for monthly fashion journals and their necessary, seasonal spreads the collection had been shown earlier this summer to an international coterie of editors on a strictly embargoed basis. So, while the cult of consumer culture continues, it’s clear that the influence and clout of print magazines like Vogue and InStyle are still valued by designers.

Burberry September 2016

In addition to the new direction he’s taking with his shows Bailey has amalgamated Burberry Prorsum, London and Brit, and has shown both womenswear and menswear (fitting, considering the androgenous influence of Orlando). The world is fast changing within all facets; gender fluidity has been having a huge effect on fashion and global warming could even be having an impact; the margins between the seasons are blurring in many more ways than simply fashion.

Burberry September 2016

What does it mean for the future of fashion? Basically what it says on the tin – immediately after the show the collection was available for purchase in store and online – impulse buying at it’s most expensive perhaps. It also means that high street copycat versions will be much slower to roll out, indicating that it’s fast fashion for those who can afford it, but could the days of a €15 H&M version of a designer piece be numbered?

burberry-4So, what about the show itself? It was a delight of course. Stripes, high collars, ruffles and louche leisurewear; enough to make the Bloomsbury group jig in their graves. View the entire collection over at Vogue UK.

“Ready to Wear” has really never been truer. What do you feel about See Now, Buy Now? Let us know in the comments!

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