Layers and Flares? It’s time to dress for Autumn

Post by CM

It’s that time of year again, when every fashion writer, through the medium of blog, online zine or print is waxing lyrical about transitional dressing from summer to autumn to winter. Including us, here. Is there any originality left in the world? Well yes, as it happens! There are significant differences each year, to cover trends and to compensate for current fads and in Ireland, with our increasingly weird, mild, wet winters it’s basically how you’ll be dressing for the next six months or so, bar a hefty coat or two in the depths of December and January. 

This year is awash with new looks, and there’s so much scope within them to put your own big fat stamp on them. So!

Bottoms Up

Skinny jeans were a constant for years but now they’ve been usurped in favour of mom jeans or cropped flares. Pair them with a bomber or denim and shearling jacket and Docs and think a cool, punky 90s teenager in Berlin or a knitted sweater and heels to bring the look up to date.




Which brings us to the most current pairing of jeans and shoe…

The New Shoe


Loafers! I am after a pair in black and one in another neutral like beige or leopard print. They are so exceptionally unoffensive, comfortable and bang on trend. The trifecta, kinda.




Or go ahead and channel Gucci (if in doubt this season, always channel Gucci) and get your rainbow on:


Texture is key

The most prevalent new texture on the rise is velvet. Velvet booties (if you have an aversion to loafers) velvet dresses, velvet jackets, velvet tops. You’ll find a velvet number to suit you anywhere you look in the next few months.




Layer like you just don’t care

There is such a 90s vibe going on at the moment, and one of the most prevalent looks is layering a polo-neck or a shirt ( a ruffled shirt to be more precise – that trend is set to extend right into next year) under a summer dress or floaty string top. It’s a really easy outfit to emulate; you probably have all the items already in your wardrobe. And, you get to keep wearing your summer clothes, without the goosebumps – win!




I’ll be keeping an eye on the street style from London next week (it’s still hot hot hot in New York this Fashion Week and therefore not the best for spotting next season inspiration), but in addition to those above you need to know about the athleisure thing (which TM covered extensively last week – read all about it here!). How are you going to work your wardrobe this autumn?


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